Rio is a wrestling promoter, and Sam Winchester's very first crush.

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At the wake of wrestler The Hangman, Rio is approached by Sam who is awestruck to see her. He recognizes her as the former manager Superbomb Sanchez, to which she says it was a long time ago. Sam then compliments her, and stutters awkwardly.

Sam also admits that Rio was his first crush, prompting Rio to ask if he was one of people who had her poster above their bed, something Sam fails to hide, so he changes the subject.

Rio tells Sam that nowadays she calls some matches but is mostly behind the curtain, booking the shows and taking care of the guys. She admits to seeing everyone as family, and that she and the Hangman knew each other for 25 years.

Sam is surprised to discover that Rio believes the Hangman killed himself, something she didn't think possible, and adds that the suicide was kept a secret. She then excuses herself.

Sam and Dean later attend a wrestling match, which she is the announcer for. Upon leaving the ring, she spots Sam and waves at him, much to Dean's surprise.

After the match, Dean starts playing inside the empty ring. Rio compliments his moves, surprising him again. He exits the ring, awkwardly, and embarrassed. Dean introduces himself as Agent Roussimoff, and Rio recognizes him from the wake.

They begin to talk, and Rio mentions how her boys think they are cursed. She talks about their first stop on the tour back in Shreveport, where a maintenance guy found a body stashed in a dumpster behind the VFW. When Dean asks where her boys are, Rio tells him that they're at the nearest bar, a place she intends to go to soon.

At the bar, Gunner Lawless and Shawn Harley get into fight, with Harley accusing Gunner of doing drugs. Rio breaks up the fight and pushes Harley out of the bar.

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