Rick Walsh was a man turned into a twig doll.


Rick was killed by a Borrower Witch about a month ago. The witch recreated him as a twig doll. When Sam, Dean, Alicia and Max Banes came looking for the latter's missing mother, they encountered the doll version of Rick spying on them and showing suspicion. He walked away soon after they noticed him, ignoring Sam's greeting gesture.

When Alicia and Max find their mother Tasha Banes alive and well at the local hotel, Dean decides to leave them so they can enjoy their family reunion. Sam confronts him in the hall to show him a missing person's flyer, depicting Rick Walsh, whom Sam recognizes from earlier. This leads the brothers to suspect something is off.

While searching for clues, they end up inside the hotel's basement and discover three bodies, belonging to Rick, Andy the hotel receptionist, and Tasha herself. Each body has had its heart ripped out. When Max finds them as well as his mother's body, he goes back and confronts the fake Tasha and forces her to reveal her true nature.

Rick Walsh missing poster 1

Rick Walsh's missing poster.

The Borrower Witch detects Max's magic spell and sends both the Rick and Andy dolls after the group. On Max's way to confront the witch, the Rick doll blocks his path in the hallway, but Max easily sends him flying out of the window and crashing down below. Peering out, Dean sees the Rick doll lying on the grass, twitching, with a few of his limbs separated, revealing twigs.

Once Dean kills the witch, the Rick doll likely dissolves back into twigs, like the other two dolls do.


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