Rick Sanchez was a US Secret Service agent and the Head of the President's security detail.


Rick and his men were ordered by the president - who was unknown to them, possessed by Lucifer - to hunt down the Winchester brothers, said to be a cult planning to assassinate the president.

Rick and his men confronted the brothers on their way to the president's location, but Arthur Ketch intervened and used his grenade launcher to destroy one of the vehicles on the road, knocking most of the men out except Rick, whom Arthur personally kicked in the face.

Arthur then ordered Castiel to wipe Rick's memory of this encounter.

After Rick recovered, he and his men returned to the president's location, and discovered Jefferson Rooney unconscious on the floor with Sam and Dean looming over him. The Secret Service arrest the brothers on suspicion of trying to assassinate the president.

They take Sam and Dean to Site 94 to be locked up and interrogated. While Rick wants the brothers to be executed as punishment for their crimes, Agent Camp refuses since he wants to know if the brothers have any ties or connections to white nationalists or to a Muslim brotherhood. Sam and Dean are subsequently kept alive for six weeks until Dean makes a deal with Billie and she helps the brothers fake their deaths.

Both Camp and Rick are unhappy with the outcome, even more when the brothers flee the morgue soon after and run into the woods, forcing the duo to summon armed soldiers to track them down. This time, Rick intends to execute them as he had wanted, but to his own horror, Sam and Dean manage to ambush the group and proceed to tell them what really happened with the president. They threaten Camp and Rick if they come after them again and escape, but their attempt to spare Rick's life only drives Arthur Ketch to murder everyone involved in Sam and Dean's imprisonment, including Rick.

Months later, Arthur reveals to Mary Winchester how assassinating the Secret Service agents was an example of him cleaning up after her sons.


Rick was well-informed about Sam and Dean, since the brothers had been reported as culprits in a mass-killing spree a few years back. Their subsequent deaths ended the hunt for the brothers, but their unexpected return surprised and worried Rick.

He tried to have them executed instead of imprisoned, but he could not convince Camp to do this. Even more discomforting, Sam and Dean were able to fake their deaths and outmaneuver the Secret Service. He was essentially one of the few humans to know much about Sam and Dean, but at the cost of his own life.



  • The character's name is a reference to a character on the show Rick and Morty.
    • Ironically, said character murdered several US Secret Service agents in Rick and Morty's season 3 finale.
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