Tell you this, though...You gotta respect mother nature. You respect her, or she's gonna string you up, and she'll eat your ass right through the Gore-Tex.
— Ranger Evans
in How To Win Friends and Influence Monsters

Rick Evans was a state park ranger in Wharton State Forest in The Pine Barrens, New Jersey.

Sam and Dean questioned Ranger Evans about his discovery of a mauled camper in the forest, whom he referred to as "The Human Burrito," as he ate his lunch at Biggerson's. There were also other strange reports in the area, but he disregarded the state troopers' report naming a rouge bear as the culprit. He told them that he and Phil had been finding "something's leftovers" for weeks, but blithely admitted that he had no idea what it was, even after 12 years on the job. Sam asked him who's Phil. He identified him as the Assistant Chief Ranger, and then absent-mindedly remembered that hadn't seen or heard from Phil in a couple of days. He decided out loud that he should probably report him missing. Somewhat confused, Sam and Dean leave him to join Bobby for lunch and briefly discuss Ranger Rick's demeanor. "Definitely growing his own in the back 40 and smoking all the profits," was Dean's final assessment as he took a bite of his Turducken sandwich.

R.I.P. Ranger Rick

Later, Sam, Dean and Bobby searched the forest for clues and discovered a bloody arm hanging from a tree. They surmised that the remains were that of Asst. Chief Ranger Phil and called Ranger Rick to the scene. He arrived and calmly declares that he should probably call-in an incident report. As he stood by his truck trying to radio, he's snatched into dense brush from behind by an unseen force. The guys heard the sounds of the ranger being dragged up into the trees and eaten, but could not get to him. Finally, Bobby instinctively aimed his rifle and fires a single shot up into the trees. A neutralized creature crashed to the ground, along with what was left of Ranger Rick.


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