Rick was a truck driver for Starlight Cannery in Sandusky, Ohio.


Season 6

SPN 0050

Eve inserting the Khan worm into Rick's ear.

While he was refueling his rig at a gas station, a young woman named Eve approached and him asked for a ride. He assented, but, when she tried to kiss him, he pushed her away and gave her a religious tract instead. She mocked his religion and then offered to tell him a secret. When she leaned in, she grabbed his face and inserted a Khan worm in his ear.[1]

SPN 0111

Rick is questioned by Sam, Dean, and Bobby.

Under the influence of the Khan worm, he murdered his entire family with a hammer. He had no recollection of the event when Sam, Dean, and Bobby Singer questioned him at the police station. The last thing he remembered was agreeing to give a ride to a hitchhiker at the gas station.[1]



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