Rick is a truck driver for Starlight Cannery in Sandusky, Ohio.


Season 6

SPN 0050

Eve inserting the Khan Worm into Rick's ear.

While he's refueling his rig at a gas station, a young woman named Eve approaches and asks him for a ride. He assents, but, when she tries to kiss him, he pushes her away and gives her a religious tract instead. She mocks his religion and then offers to tell him a secret. When she leans in, she grabs his face and inserts the Khan Worm in his ear.

SPN 0111

Rick is questioned by Sam, Dean, and Bobby.

Under the influence of the Khan Worm, he murders his entire family with a hammer. He has no recollection of the event when Sam, Dean, and Bobby question him at the police station. The last thing he remembers is agreeing to give a ride to a hitchhiker at the gas station.[1]



  1. ...And Then There Were None
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