Richard ("Rich") and Amy Milton were the human parents of Anna Milton. When demons learned that Anna could hear angels talking, they killed Rich and Amy in their own home.

Background[edit | edit source]

Richard and Amy were a married couple who lived in northwestern Ohio. Richard worked as a church deacon.

Amy was infertile, but inexplicably got pregnant when the angel Anna removed her own grace and fell to Earth, being reborn as the Miltons' daughter in 1985. Amy referred to Anna as her "little miracle."

The Miltons took Anna to a child's psychiatrist because she wouldn't let Rich come near her; she had claimed that he was not her real father and that her father was angry at her and wanted to kill her.

"I Know What You Did Last Summer"[edit | edit source]

After Anna was committed to Connor Beverly Behavioral Medicine Center as a young woman, demons learned about her ability to hear angels and began targeting her. Once she evaded them and fled the hospital, the demons went to the Miltons' house, evidently hoping that she'd go there or they'd Hunt for find a clue to her location. While there, they slit Richard and Amy's throats.

Mr. and Mrs. Milton dead on the floor.

Hunters Sam and Dean found the Miltons' corpses when they came to find Anna. The brothers find some traces of sulfur near their bodies, tipping them off to the work of demons.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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