Richard Roman was the head of the Richard Roman Enterprises prior to his death at the hands of Leviathans .


Richard was a billionaire businessman and one of the thirty-five most powerful men in America.

After the Leviathans escaped from Purgatory, the Leviathan leader went onto possess an unidentified human and was able to extract DNA from Richard and take on his form. Richard was subsequently killed and his identity stolen by the Leviathan, who became known as "Dick Roman".


The arm of the real Richard Roman.

Dick used Richard's influence to take control of many businesses in order to transform the American population as a source of food for the Leviathans.

What was left of the real Richard was an arm kept inside an icebox.

In order to avoid detection by his enemies, the Winchester brothers, Dick had a handful of his underlings take samples of Richard's DNA in order to pose as himself. This plan failed when Castiel, Dick's former vessel, was able to tell which Dick was the real Dick.

Following Dick's demise, Richard Roman's company, as well as his legacy, fell to pieces.


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