Richard Keel was the father of Katie, a child replaced by a changeling.

Season 3Edit

On what was supposed to be his night for visitation, Richard grudgingly returned his daughter Katie to his ex-wife's home early. He told her mother that he really had no choice because "she pitched a fit."

Richard keelSaw

Richard vs. power saw.

As Richard was working on an incomplete wooden rocking horse in his garage, he looked up at the clock and decided to call it a night. As he left, a power saw on the other side of the garage turned on by itself. He looked around and did not see anything, and powered it off before he headed back towards the door. Just as he switched the overhead light off, the saw powered on again. He went back bent down to look under the table when an unseen force came up behind him and pushed him backward on to the running saw. On his workbench, the now assembled rocking horse began to rock briskly.


Trivia Edit

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