This unnamed boy was the son of trucker turned vampire Richard Beesome.


He grew up in with his father and mother in O'Neill, Nebraska where his father worked as a trucker.

In 2013, after helping Alex Jones, Richard was set upon by a family of vampires who drained Richard and turned him into a vampire himself. Upon returning home, the blood on Richard's clothes caused him to lose control and attack his wife and son, ripping out their throats and draining their blood. Richard disappeared afterwards and was reported missing.

Following the deaths of his family, Richard was driven insane with his need to get revenge upon Alex. Three years after the deaths of Richard's wife and son, as Richard executed his revenge plot, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester learned of Richard's true identity and the method of his family's death, causing them to realize that Richard was a vampire. A short time later, an anguished Richard explained to Alex what had happened to his family and how it caused his quest for revenge.


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