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Richard Beesome was a truck driver from O'Neill, Nebraska who fell victim to Celia's vampire "family". After getting turned into a vampire himself and accidentally killing his own family, he began hunting for revenge on Alex for her role in his turning and his family's deaths.


Early Life[]

A trucker with a wife and son, Richard found Alex outside of a bar in O'Neill, Nebraska in 2013 being harassed by another guy. Richard rescued her from the man and gave her a ride home, not knowing that Alex was the bait for a pack of vampires. Upon reaching Alex's nest, Richard was set upon by the vampires who drank him alive and turned Richard into a vampire himself. Richard then went home to tell his wife what happened but was covered in his own blood which caused him to lose control of his bloodlust and kill his wife and son. Richard then disappeared and was listed as missing for the next three years.

In late 2015, wanting revenge, Richard located Alex in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. However, rather than killing her, Richard found her too pathetic for him to kill yet so he decided to build her life up and then destroy it to make her suffer. To this end, Richard turned the most popular boy in school, Henry into a vampire to help him while getting a job as a custodian under a fake name and using the social security number of a dead person.

Season 11[]

While working on his revenge, Richard holed up in an old pool building on the high school campus and kidnapped three people who weren't likely to be missed, feeding on them for the months he was in town. His actions drew the attention of Claire Novak, but due to previous erroneous monster accusations, no one believed her. As Alex's life was starting to look up, Richard started enacting his plan by having Henry murder Mr. Phelps, Alex's favorite teacher. However, Henry hung the teacher's body from the school flagpole, drawing attention from Sam and Dean Winchester who had been called in by Claire.

As part of their investigation, Sam and Sheriff Jody Mills questioned Richard who had "found" the body. The two noted his lack of care about the teacher's death and got suspicious, but Richard had an alibi. However, Sam discovered his fake social security number and Jody sent his ID picture into the police database to try to identify him. As Jody and Claire depart to see Claire's school registrar, Richard attacked and kidnapped the two.

At his nest, Richard held Jody and Claire hostage as Henry arrived with Alex. Richard explained who he was to Alex and about his desire for revenge. Alex, who didn't recognize him at first, realized who Richard was and apologized, telling him she had no choice due to the vampires forcing her to help feed them. Richard explained his revenge plot and Henry's role in it, delighting in Alex's horror that Henry's affections for her were fake and part of their plan. As Richard prepared to drain Claire, Alex offered to help him find food as she did her old nest and feed him with herself if he would spare Claire and Jody. Telling Alex he might take her up on that, Richard started to drain Claire, but stopped before killing her after sensing Sam in the building. Richard and Henry attacked Sam and Richard grabbed Sam's machete, going to kill Alex with it while Henry kept Sam busy. As Richard went to kill Alex, Claire stabbed him in the back with a crowbar, stunning Richard. As Richard stared at Claire in shock, Dean decapitated him from behind, killing Richard. His revenge plot was foiled completely when Sam subdued Henry and allowed Alex and Claire to kill him.

Powers and Abilities[]

Richard had standard vampire powers though only at a basic level due to his young age as a vampire.

  • Super Strength - As a vampire, Richard was stronger than most humans, overpowering Jody Mills and breaking her leg, albeit after catching her with a surprise attack. However, Richard was not stronger than humans with above average strength as demonstrated by his using a sledge hammer in battle against Sam Winchester rather than his own strength and quickly abandoning the fight afterwards.
  • Super Senses - As a vampire, Richard had heightened senses, demonstrated when he sensed Sam Winchester was nearby and abandoned his attack on Claire Novak to go after him.
  • Immortality - As a vampire, Richard was immortal unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As a vampire, Richard was immune to most forms of conventional harm. Being stabbed in the back with a crowbar only caused him great pain and stunned him for a few moments.



When he was human, Richard was a kind, caring, family man. When he saw Alex being hassled by someone she clearly didn't want bothering her, Richard was kind enough to intervene to save her. Suspecting she was a prostitute, Richard was willing to give her some money, presumably to satisfy her pimp and even offered her a ride home.

As a vampire, Richard had been driven insane by his desire for revenge and rage over the loss of his family. Richard became sadistic, desiring to build up Alex's life just so he'd have something to destroy before killing her. Richard didn't see just killing Alex as fitting revenge for what she had done to him and was more than happy to kill innocent people just to get his revenge, wanting to see Alex suffer for what she had done to him.