Reverend Sorensen is the father of Lori Sorensen and the pastor at St. Barnabas Church.

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Sam and Dean track Lori Sorensen down at her father's church where the Reverend Sorensen is eulogizing Rich. Later that night Reverend Sorensen drops Lori off at her sorority house, and tells her that he worries about her living there, and accuses her of drinking and partying with Taylor, causing Lori to get angry and abruptly leave the car. The next morning after Lori finds Taylor dead in their room, Reverend Sorensen arrives to take her to their home.

Later that night when Reverend Sorensen sees Sam and Lori together outside his home, comes out to call her back in, which angers Lori. Then out of nowhere, Jacob Karns appears behind him and puts his hook into his shoulder, and drags him inside. Sam gives chase, followed by Lori. After Sam is able to stop Karns from killing Reverend Sorensen, Lori bursts through the bedroom window and kneels down next to her dad. Reverend Sorensen is later taken to the hospital.

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