Dean: Not like I care about killing gods, okay? But this whole revenge kick? It's a waste of time.

Sam: What if it's not?
Dean: You've seen it, Sam -- with me, with Dad. Revenge only ends one way -- ugly.

Dean and Sam's conversation about revenge
in Unfinished Business
Revenge is the act of taking retribution upon another being for something that being has done to them.


Revenge is often sought for a multitude of reasons. Some vary from pranks between friends or siblings to a terrible act such as the death of a family member or friend. Many hunters often get into the life because of a need for revenge on a monster or demon. Vengeful Spirits are ghosts whose whole reason for being is to seek revenge against those who have wronged them or, in some cases, on the same type of person as those who have harmed them.

Known Revenge QuestsEdit

Primordial EntitiesEdit

  • The Darkness (against God) - Described as "the oldest grudge,"[1] the Darkness sought to gain revenge against her brother God for locking her away for eons in order to make Creation and was willing to destroy the Universe to achieve it. After mortally wounding God,[2] the Darkness began to feel remorse for her actions as she never wanted her brother dead. The Darkness was ultimately convinced to reconcile with God and she healed the injuries she inflicted upon her brother before they left the Earth together to reconcile fully.[3]
  • The Shadow (against Castiel) - Enraged that Castiel had woken it up and forced it to resurrect him,[4] the Shadow sought to make him suffer. After the death of the Nephilim Jack, the Shadow personally invaded Heaven in order to get Jack's soul and drag it to the Empty, an act that it knew would hurt Castiel. Castiel recognized this and offered to trade himself to the Shadow immediately, pointing out that it would otherwise have to wait years or even eons for him to die again and return to its clutches. The Shadow accepted the deal, but decided to wait until Castiel was truly happy to collect in order to make him suffer.[5] When Castiel returns to the Empty in search of Ruby, the Shadow reluctantly works with him due to their mutual interest, but makes it clear that it still intends to collect on their deal. After Castiel finishes talking to Ruby, the Shadow enjoys taking the chance to torture and taunt him before Castiel is brought back to Earth by Jack.[6]
  • God (against the Winchesters and Castiel) - After Dean refused to kill Jack, whose murder God saw not just as a perfect story but also a necessity as he feared Jack could grow stronger than him, in retaliation God angrily kills Jack himself and his anger towards the Winchesters and Castiel escalated even further when Sam tried to kill him with the Equalizer, causing God to unleash the Apocalypse and desiring for Sam and Dean to kill each other.[7]


  • Jesse Cuevas (against the Bisaan) - In 1989, Jesse's brother Matty was possessed by a Bisaan during their mating cycle, an act that was witnessed by Jesse. With no one believing him, Jesse became a hunter determined to get revenge upon the Bisaan during their next cycle. In 2016, accompanied by his husband Cesar, Jesse returned to his hometown where his quest was aided by Sam and Dean Winchester. Jesse gained his revenge when the living Bisaan were killed by Cesar and Dean and Jesse was allowed to burn the Donnelly mine where the Bisaan lair and eggs were located. In the process, Jesse recovered the body of Matty and gave him a Hunter's Funeral.[8]
  • Eileen Leahy (against Eileen's Banshee) - In 1985, when Eileen was only a baby, her family was targeted by a malevolent Banshee that killed her father before her mother banished it at the cost of her own life. The attack rendered Eileen deaf and was she raised and trained by hunter Lillian O'Grady who had been tracking the Banshee before the attack. In 2015, after the Banshee resurfaced in the Oak Park Retirement Living community, Eileen worked with Sam and Dean Winchester and resident Mildred Baker to finally kill the creature. After Mildred trapped the Banshee, Eileen was able to kill it with a gold blade and gain her revenge. However, she admitted that getting revenge didn't change anything as it didn't bring her parents back and she chose to remain a hunter.[9]
  • Claire Novak (against Dean Winchester) - Following the brutal deaths of Randy, Salinger and his men at the hands of Dean under the influence of the Mark of Cain,[10] Claire decided to have Dean killed for Randy's death and also because she blamed him for the death of her father. Though Claire succeeded in luring Dean into a trap, she couldn't go through with the act and called out a warning to Dean who defeated his attackers and restrained himself from killing them.[11] Subsequently, Claire let go of her vendetta against Dean and they developed a close relationship.
  • Claire Novak (against Tamiel) - While trying to find the angel Castiel who was using her husband as a vessel, Amelia Novak was captured by the Grigori Tamiel who fed off of Amelia's soul for two years. Claire subsequently tracked her mother down with the help of the Winchesters and Castiel and succeeded in rescuing her. However, Amelia sacrificed herself to save her daughter's life from an attack by Tamiel. During the fight that followed, Claire killed Tamiel with his own angel sword. Afterwards, Dean told Claire that she had gotten her revenge when she killed Tamiel and had a chance at a normal life instead of becoming a hunter.[12]
  • Claire Novak (against Dark Kaia) - After the Winchesters were transported to the alternate reality known as the Bad Place,[13] Claire traveled through the rift with her new friend Kaia Nieves to rescue them. Though the two succeeded in rescuing the Winchesters, Kaia was killed by a hooded figure while saving Claire's life. In the aftermath, Claire swore revenge on Kaia's killer even if she had to open another rift to the Bad Place, unaware that Kaia's killer had made it to the Main Universe and was in fact an alternate reality version of Kaia herself.[14] Over two years later, Jody tells Castiel that Claire has spent years seeking revenge upon Dark Kaia and is ironically chasing a lead out of cellphone range when they actually get Dark Kaia in their custody and learn that their Kaia survived after all. Claire ultimately never gets her revenge on Dark Kaia who chooses to die with her world. However, Dark Kaia helps the Winchesters rescue Kaia who Jody brings home to reunite with Claire.[15]
  • Reese (against Sully) - While playing with Reese and her twin sister Audrey, the Zanna Sully accidentally led Audrey to her death and became frightened and abandoned Reese when she needed him most. As a result, Reese was believed to be crazy due to her story and became consumed with getting revenge upon Sully. As an adult, after having identified Sully as a Zanna, Reese got a spell to see Zanna and a blade to kill them. Reese killed Sully's friends Sparkle and Nicky while wounding Weems before coming face to face with Sully himself. However, though Sully accepted his death, the Winchesters were able to talk Reese out of her revenge and she reconciled with Sully instead.[16]
  • Ennis Ross (against Irv Sokolowski) - While trying to get his own revenge, Irv killed Ennis' fiancé Tamara. Enraged, Ennis shot Irv dead upon encountering Irv in his lair.[17]
  • Bobby Singer (against Dick Roman) - Following his death at the hands of the Leviathan leader Dick Roman,[18] Bobby's ghost became consumed by vengeance for Dick and became a Vengeful Spirit.[19] After nearly killing Sam, Bobby snapped out of his vengeful state and requested that the Winchesters put him to rest, a request that they complied with. Before they did so, Bobby told them to kill Dick, but not for revenge, but because it was their job to stop him.[20]
  • Irv Sokolowski (against the Lassiter Family and the Duval Family) - After his son's death, Irv became convinced that the Lassiter and Duval families, shapeshifters and werewolves respectively, had performed the act together. Driven insane, Irv sought to cause a war between the families to cause them to destroy each other, killing Sal Lassiter and kidnapping David Lassiter and Violet Duval to kill them and trigger the war. Irv was defeated by Violet after she broke free and then killed by Ennis Ross for murdering his fiancé Tamara during Irv's bloodlust. The war was fully averted when David brought evidence of Irv's actions to his sister which exonerated the Duvals.[17]
  • Lily Sunder (against Ishim, Benjamin, Mirabel, Castiel and two unnamed angels) - After Lily rejected the advances of the angel Ishim, Ishim led his flight of angels to kill Lily's angel husband Akobel and her daughter May under the guise that May was a Nephilim that needed to be eliminated. In reality, Ishim wanted Lily to suffer the loss of her family and succeeded in murdering Akobel and May, May in front of Lily. Using Enochian magic, Lily began seeking revenge upon the angels for the loss of her family. Following the Fall of the Angels, Lily got her chance as the Fall rendered the angels more vulnerable. Lily was able to kill two of the angels before turning her attention to Benjamin, Mirabel, Castiel and Ishim. Lily succeeded in killing Benjamin and Mirabel, but was intercepted by Sam and Dean Winchester before she could kill Ishim and Castiel as Castiel was their friend and they didn't know the truth. After finding out from Lily, the Winchesters attempted to help her kill Ishim, but they proved to be no match for the powerful angel. Lily unexpectedly got her revenge against Ishim when Castiel, her final target, killed Ishim to save her life. In the aftermath, Lily didn't know if she could let go of her revenge as it was all she had had for over a hundred years. The remorseful Castiel apologized for his role in the murders and promised that if Lily still desired revenge, she could seek him out again to get it. Thanking Castiel and apparently letting go of her vendetta against him, Lily departed.[21] After getting her revenge, Lily stopped using her Enochian magic in order to preserve what was left of her soul and began aging. In 2018, Lily was enlisted to help save the Nephilim Jack and displayed no animosity towards Castiel. Instead, her focus was on getting into Heaven to be with her daughter, something that Lily achieved by apparently sacrificing herself to save Jack.[5]
  • Cole Trenton (against Dean Winchester) - As a boy, Cole witnessed Dean kill his father in 2003,[22] not aware that his father had been transformed into a monster.[23] After growing up, Cole began seeking revenge upon Dean after getting a clue when Dean, now a Knight of Hell, killed the demon Drew Neely.[24] After having kidnapped Sam, Cole attacked Dean, but proved to be no match for the demon Dean who decided to leave Cole alive to suffer with his failure. Having learned of the existence of demons, Cole became a hunter and learned about demons to be able to take Dean down the next time they met.[22] When Cole encountered Dean again as he was hunting Rowena MacLeod, Dean was human again and the two men fought. After defeating Cole, Dean revealed the truth to him and convinced Cole to let go of his vendetta and return to his family.[23] The two encountered each other again while hunting the khan worms possessing Cole's friend Kit Verson. The experience gave Cole a new perspective on what had happened to his father, allowing him to fully forgive Dean.[25]
  • Julie, Stewart and Gretchen Underwood (against Sheepsquatch, non canon) - After the creature known as Sheepsquatch kills Julie's husband the father of her children Stewart and Gretchen, the family becomes obsessed with getting revenge. A couple of weeks after the death, the family finds the god that they later nickname the Lord of the Hunt, learning from Native American lore that he has the power to grant enhanced abilities to those who sacrifice to him. The Underwoods began feeding the god animals and he provided them with enhanced abilities in return, but the strength he gave them from the animals in his weakened state proved to be too little to take down Sheepsquatch. As a result, the family decided to sacrifice a living person to the Lord of the Hunt to get the strength they needed to finally get their revenge. When hunter John Winchester asked to bring his teenage sons Sam and Dean to the Underwood home for protection, Julie offered to sacrifice both of the Winchesters to the god if he would give them the strength to get their revenge beforehand. The god accepted the offer and with the help of their enhanced abilities and the Winchesters, the Underwoods faced Sheepsquatch and Gretchen finally killed him with a white ash stake to the heart. Afterwards, the Underwoods attempted to feed the Winchesters to the Lord of the Hunt as promised, but Dean managed to kill the god. As a result, the Underwoods lost the extra energy the Lord of the Hunt had given them along with their remaining life force and died, a consequence of the extent they went to to get their revenge.[26]
  • Dean Winchester (against Azazel) - After Mary Winchester was killed by the Prince of Hell Azazel in 1983, John Winchester raised Sam and Dean in the hunting life to gain revenge on the demon.[27] Unlike Sam, Dean was dedicated to hunting down Azazel and getting revenge for the murder of his mother, hunting Azazel for twenty-three years. When given a chance that failed because Sam couldn't kill John, Dean admitted that he didn't see their revenge as more important than their family.[28] After John sold his soul to Azazel to save Dean's life,[29] Dean became more determined than ever to get revenge. Finally, after twenty-three years of hunting Azazel, Dean faced him in the Battle of the Devil's Gate. Though Dean initially lost, the intervention of John's ghost enabled Dean to kill Azazel with the Colt. Following Azazel's death, Dean told the demon's deceased vessel that "that was for our Mom, you son of a bitch" and attempted to get Sam to focus on the fact that they finally got their revenge rather than his impending demon deal.[30]
  • Dean Winchester (against Doctor Hydeker) - When Dean was young, his father hunted the shtriga that would become known as Doctor Hydeker. While John was hunting, Dean started to go stir-crazy while looking after Sam and abandoned his brother for a short time to blow off some steam by playing video games. When Dean returned, the shtriga was feeding off of Sam and was only driven off by the timely appearance of John. Dean never forgave himself for putting Sam in danger and desired revenge against the shtriga, calling it unfinished business for him. In 2006, when the shtriga resurfaced, John sent his sons the coordinates so that Dean could get his revenge. With the help of Sam and a young boy named Michael whose brother had fallen victim to the shtriga, Dean was finally able to kill it with consecrated wrought-iron bullets while the shtriga was feeding on Sam, getting his revenge and saving the lives the shtriga's current victims.[31]
  • Dean Winchester (against Dirk MacGregor, Jr.) - As a teenager, after Dirk bullies Sam, Dean swears that he will "rip his lungs out" in retaliation, but is talked out of the act by Sam. Later, as adults, Dean makes the same threat after Dirk's ghost tries to kill Sam by possessing a teenage girl. Dean ultimately gets his revenge against Dirk for these acts when he puts Dirk's ghost to rest by burning his lock of hair.[32]
  • Dean Winchester (against Ruby) - In general, Dean held a long-standing grudge against Ruby and a desire to kill her because she was a demon. However, after he believed Ruby to have let Sam out of Bobby's Panic Room while they were forcing him to detox from Demon Blood, he swore to kill her in revenge. Dean's first attempt was interrupted by Sam, leading to a fight between the brothers.[33] After Sam killed Lilith and inadvertently broke the last of the 66 Seals, Dean confronted Ruby in the chapel of St. Mary's Convent, aided by Sam who held Ruby in place while Dean killed her with her own knife.[34]
  • Dean Winchester (against Samuel Campbell) - Dean didn't trust his resurrected grandfather and his influence on Sam. Dean's distrust turned into resentment when Samuel banished Castiel and Samuel nearly allowed Dean and Sam to be fed to a pair of ghouls. As a result of Samuel's betrayal, Dean swore to kill Samuel if they ever met again.[35] Though Dean tried when the Winchesters, Bobby Singer and Rufus Turner met Samuel again while hunting the khan worm, Dean was stopped by Sam who ultimately killed Samuel while he was possessed by the khan worm.[36]
  • Dean Winchester (against Dick Roman) - After fellow hunter and father-figure Bobby Singer was killed by the Leviathan leader Dick Roman, Dean developed an obsession with getting revenge upon Dick. While Bobby was in the hospital dying, Dean went as far as angrily confronting Dick in the parking lot in front of innocent civilian witnesses.[18] This obsession stretched so far that in the early stages, he abandoned Sam in favor of trying to decode Bobby's numbers with Frank Devereaux rather than helping Sam on a case, leading to Sam falling victim a pair of vetala as Sam lacked vital information on the monsters that Dean possessed.[37] Over the following months, Dean would continue to track every single bit of information he could get about Dick and only didn't attack Dick during the Raid on Richard Roman Enterprises as he knew they didn't have a way to kill him yet.[38] After Bobby's own revenge attempt against Dick turned Bobby into a Vengeful Spirit briefly, he requested that the Winchesters kill Dick for the job, not for revenge. After this, Dean appeared to acquiesce to Bobby's request as, when he finally faced Dick, he was more level-headed and was simply trying to kill Dick to foil Dick's plans than out of vengeance. Nevertheless, Dean got his revenge when he killed Dick with the Bone of Righteous Mortal Washed in the Three Bloods of Fallen with the aid of Castiel.[20]
  • Dean Winchester (against the Styne Family) - After the murder of Charlie Bradbury by Eldon Frankenstein,[39] Dean, influenced by the Mark of Cain that he bore, decided to slaughter the entire family in revenge. As Sam worked to remove the Mark, Dean traveled to Shreveport, Louisiana to confront the Styne Family. Despite being captured briefly, Dean broke free and brutally massacred the American branch of the family, killing over a dozen people during the fight in the family mansion alone. Castiel, after encountering the aftermath, described Dean's actions as "brutal." At the Men of Letters bunker, Dean killed Roscoe Frankenstein before he finally confronted Eldon, Charlie's true killer. Dean was able to taunt Eldon with the slaughter of his entire family in revenge for Charlie's murder before he killed Eldon too. Dean then proceeded to kill Cyrus Frankenstein despite the boy's protests that he was not evil and hated his family due to the influence of the Mark and a belief that the boy would eventually turn evil.[40]
  • Dean Winchester (against Apocalypse World Michael) - Following his possession by the Apocalypse World version of the archangel Michael, Dean developed a desire to get revenge and kill him. Dean explained to Castiel that his possession by Michael made him understand what Sam and Castiel went through while possessed by Lucifer and he would not be able to rest easy until Michael was dead by his hands, not just imprisoned. Later, Dean tried to kill Michael with the Spear, but Michael repossessed him and destroyed the spear instead.[41] However, Sam and Castiel helped Dean retake control of his body, as he was able to trap Michael in his subconscious just like the latter did to him.[42] Though Michael eventually escaped his mind, Michael was killed by Jack, getting revenge for them both.[43]
  • Dean Winchester (against Jack Kline) - Following the death of his mother at Jack's hands, Dean becomes consumed with rage over her death and desires Jack partially in revenge and partially because Jack has become a monster without his soul. Unable to kill Jack, Dean tricks and traps him in the Ma'lak Box which Jack is able to break free of. After God offers Dean The Equalizer, a gun that can kill Jack at the cost of Dean's own life, Dean refuses to be dissuaded. However, in the end, Dean's love for Jack overwhelms his desire for revenge and he chooses not to kill Jack even when Jack offers Dean the chance to do so. Though God offers to resurrect Mary if he does it, Dean refuses, knowing his mother wouldn't want that. When Jack is killed by God shortly thereafter, Dean mourns his loss and tells Belphegor that Jack didn't deserve his ultimate fate.[44][45][7][46] After Jack is resurrected, Dean appears to have lost all of his anger towards the young Nephilim, clearly being happy to see him and treating Jack without hostility.[47]
  • Dean Winchester (against God) - Dean appears to have developed a grudge against God for all of the things he has done, in particular killing Jack. When the two meet again after Jack's murder, Dean immediately punches God in the face even though he knows it will have no effect, stating outright that they both knew he had to do that.[48] After learning that Jack can kill God, Dean expresses satisfaction at the idea of getting revenge to Castiel.[15]
  • John Winchester (against Azazel) - Following the murder of his wife in 1983, John became a hunter dedicated to bringing down the Prince of Hell in order to avenge Mary's murder. To this end, John trained his sons to be hunters as well and chased after Azazel for twenty-two years without success. In 2005, John finally picked up the trail of Azazel and disappeared to chase him.[27] After the defeat of Luther's nest, John agreed to let his sons help him take down Azazel.[49] However, after the Wrecking of the Impala,[28] John traded his life and soul to save Dean from death and was sent to Hell.[29] John's ghost escaped when the Devil's Gate was opened by Jake Talley and aided in the final battle against Azazel, enabling Dean to kill Azazel with the Colt, an act that John witnessed before disappearing in a flash of light.[30] After being pulled from 2003, John was informed of Azazel's death and his role in it. John was pleased that he had gotten his revenge against Azazel, stating that avenging Mary's death was what it had been all about for him. John later told Dean that he had intended it all to end when he got his revenge and had hoped that Dean might be able to live a normal life once it was over. John subsequently forgot what he had learned after he was returned to his own time.[50]
  • Sam Winchester (against Azazel) - Following the death of Mary Winchester in 1983 when Sam was just a baby, he was raised alongside Dean by their father to hunt Azazel to avenge Mary. Sam eventually abandoned the hunting life for a regular life at college, but after his girlfriend was murdered in front of him in the same way as Mary, Sam became as determined as his brother and father to hunt down and kill Azazel for revenge.[27] During a dream meeting with Azazel, Sam swore to kill the Prince of Hell himself, only to have his threat laughed off.[51] During the final battle with Azazel, Sam was left pinned to a tree with telekinesis, but witnessed his brother kill Azazel with the Colt with help from the ghost of their father. In the aftermath, Sam was stunned that they had finally gotten their life long revenge and unsure of what to say.[30]
  • Sam Winchester (against Gabriel as The Trickster) - In order to teach the Winchesters that they were each other's weaknesses, Gabriel in his guise as the Trickster, placed Sam into a time loop where Dean died each day and came back, only to die in a different manner the next time that couldn't be stopped. After Sam apparently threatened Gabriel into breaking the time loop, Dean was killed for good in a robbery and Sam spent the next six months mercilessly hunting Gabriel for revenge, even willing to sacrifice Bobby Singer to get at Gabriel when he believed Bobby to be one of Gabriel's tricks. After explaining the reasons behind his actions, Gabriel claimed to be bored with the whole thing and reversed time to before Dean died. Sam subsequently let go of his revenge against Gabriel.[52]
  • Sam Winchester (against Lilith) - After Lilith killed Dean at the end of his demon deal,[53] Sam became consumed with an obsessive need for revenge upon Lilith, even after Dean's resurrection by Castiel.[54] Sam's obsessive need for revenge against Lilith led to him falling under the sway of the demon Ruby, drinking demon blood which Sam developed an addiction to, using his psychic powers and lying to his brother on a massive level along the way. After a major falling out with Dean, Sam used his powers to kill Lilith at St. Mary's Convent, but in the process accomplished her goal of getting him to break the last of the 66 Seals to release Lucifer from his Cage with Lilith's death.[34]
  • Sam Winchester (against Brady) - After Dean captured the demon Brady with Crowley's help, Sam was enraged as Brady was the one who had introduced him to his girlfriend Jess. Brady confirmed that he had in fact been the one to kill Jess on Azazel's orders which led Sam to become determined to kill Brady to avenge Jess. After barely restraining himself as they still needed Brady, Sam finally got his chance after Brady gave up the location of Pestilence and Dean saw as unneeded and allowed it. Despite Brady's taunts, Sam killed him with the demon-killing knife and gained his revenge for Jess' murder.[55]


  • Adina (against Castiel and Hannah) - After Castiel killed Daniel to protect Hannah,[24] Adina sought revenge against both angels by ambushing them at a gas station and killing both slowly. Due to Castiel's weakened state, he proved to be no match for Adina, but the demon Crowley intervened as he needed Castiel's help. Crowley extracted Adina's grace with an angel blade before killing her with the blade and giving the grace to Castiel to save his life.[56]
  • Farmer Angel and Kim Schortz Angel (against Castiel) - Enraged by Castiel's role in the Fall of the Angels, these two angels attacked Linwood Memorial Hospital together in order to force Dean Winchester to tell them where they could find Castiel so that they could gain their revenge on him. Unable to defeat the two angels in combat, Dean managed to banish them from the hospital, thwarting their plan.[57]
  • Rogue Angel (against Castiel) - Enraged by Castiel's role in the Fall of the Angels, he ambushed Dean Winchester in the parking garage of Linwood Memorial Hospital in order to force Dean to give up Castiel's location. The angel's attempt to extract information was interrupted by the angel Gadreel in the disguise of Ezekiel leading to a fight between the two angels. The angel was ultimately killed by Dean from behind with his own angel blade, foiling any chance of him getting revenge upon Castiel.[57]
  • Castiel (against Dean Winchester) - After Dean decided to say "yes" to Michael, an enraged Castiel beat him up in retribution for Dean costing Castiel everything for what would ultimately be no reason. Castiel eventually came back to his senses and knocked Dean unconscious rather than continue beating him further.[58]
  • Castiel (against Metatron) - After Metatron tricked him to take over Heaven, Castiel gained a vendetta against the scribe. Castiel exposed Metatron to their siblings and the latter was imprisoned after losing most of his power.[59] When looking for a way to cure Dean of the Mark of Cain, Castiel drained Metatron's grace and rendered him mortal before taking pleasure in Sam shooting him.[60] Castiel later punched him for all his mockery.[61] Much later, he beat Metatron to an inch of his life for information on The Darkness. However, he didn't kill Metatron as he saw Metatron as no longer worth killing.[1]
  • Castiel (against Alternate Michael) - After hearing his brother Gabriel was killed by the Alternate Michael, Castiel grew to hate this Michael. When seeing him in person, Castiel tried to attack him out of anger but Sam prevented this from being carried out. When Michael invaded the bunker, Castiel tried to attack him again but the latter punched him, knocking him out.[62] Castiel's hatred of Michael only increased after Michael possessed Dean and used his body to wreak havoc, even going as far as to work with the demon Kipling to find out where he is. Although he was adamant on saving Dean from Michael before killing Michael, once Dean was freed somehow, Castiel immediately focused on defeating Michael, but was forced to briefly stop his vendetta to save Jack. With the knowledge he gained on Michael's location, Castiel was able to guide the Winchesters to Michael but was no match for him and could only watch as Dean was repossessed by Michael. This served to increase Castiel's wrath and he was able to overcome Michael's Biokinesis and give Sam the distraction he needed to cuff Michael, which he took the pleasure of completing the process of. His disgust towards Michael only grew once he learned Michael wished to destroy all of the multiverse and then kill God and Castiel would personally lock Michael away on Dean's mind along with Sam. When Michael possessed Rowena, Castiel was quick to try to get the Malak Box to try to lock Dean away but was easily defeated and tortured and was saved by Jack, who killed Michael, much to Castiel's astonishment and relief.
  • Castiel (against God) - After Jack's murder,[7] Castiel was left utterly betrayed and furious at God for how wrong his faith was and how God had killed Jack, desiring revenge on God. Castiel went as far as to risk his life against Michael to get him to work with him, despite Castiel's distaste of the archangel[63] and was willing to make himself the host of the Mark that would trap God, although he didn't get the chance as Sam saw how God could drive Castiel into becoming mad.[48]
  • Trucker Cupid (against Castiel and Metatron) - After encountering Castiel and the recently-human Metatron at a truck stop diner, the Cupid, enraged about their respective roles in the Fall of the Angels, attacked in hopes of killing them in retaliation. Though the Cupid nearly succeeded in killing Castiel, Metatron killed the Cupid from behind with an angel blade in order to save Castiel's life.[61]
  • Gabriel (against Asmodeus) - After faking his death, Gabriel was sold to the Prince of Hell Asmodeus who tortured Gabriel everyday for eight years and routinely injected himself with Gabriel's grace to become more powerful.[64] Gabriel was eventually rescued by Arthur Ketch[65] and treated by Sam Winchester and Castiel at the Men of Letters bunker. When Asmodeus led a demon incursion to retrieve Gabriel and kill Sam and Castiel, Gabriel fought back and incinerated the Prince of Hell.[66]
  • Gabriel (against Fenrir, Narfi, Sleipnir and Loki) - Following the death of Asmodeus,[66] Gabriel sought revenge on the deities that had sold him to Asmodeus in the first place, namely Loki and his children Fenrir, Narfi and Sleipnir. Armed with specially-crafted wooden swords due to his low grace, Gabriel killed Fenrir, but was injured in the process. Later, during an attack on the Winchesters hotel room, Gabriel killed Narfi and drove off Sleipnir. Gabriel came to an agreement with the Winchesters where they would help him kill Sleipnir and Loki and he would help them against the Apocalypse World Michael. With the Winchesters help, Gabriel killed both Sleipnir and Loki, but did not get the satisfaction from revenge as he expected.[64]
  • Gadreel (against Thaddeus) - During his millennia imprisoned in Heaven's dungeon, Gadreel was mercilessly tortured by his guard Thaddeus along with his friend Abner. Following the Fall of the Angels and Gadreel joining him, Metatron gave Gadreel Thaddeus as his second target as a reward for Gadreel's service. In the vessel of Sam Winchester, Gadreel confronted Thaddeus in his vessel, a pop star named Corey. After arguing with Thaddeus about his imprisonment and the torture Thaddeus had inflicted upon himself and Abner, Gadreel killed Thaddeus with Thaddeus' own angel blade and got his revenge. Though he later told Abner that he got revenge upon Thaddeus for both of them, Abner was not happy as he didn't see the point in revenge when they had a chance for a new beginning on Earth.[67]
  • Ishim (against Lily Sunder) - After becoming obsessed with Lily, Ishim became enraged when Lily broke off their relationship and married the Seraphim Akobel for protection. To get revenge, Ishim claimed that Lily's daughter May was a Nephilim and that both she and Akobel must be killed as a result. With the help of his clueless flight, Ishim murdered Akobel and May in front of Lily while leaving Lily alive to suffer the pain from her losses, leading to Lily's own quest for revenge against Ishim and his flight.[21]
  • Kabaiel (against Jack) - After Jack wiped out the rest of the Grigori and ate their hearts, this Grigori captured him and tortured the young Nephilim in revenge. However, Jack was rescued by Castiel who killed the Grigori.[47]
  • Lucifer (against Alternate Michael) - After returning to Apocalypse World, Lucifer saw Michael again and attacked him for humiliating and torturing him. Despite his best efforts, Lucifer was easily defeated and left behind in Apocalypse World by Sam and made a deal with him for both to cross over and get what they want.[68]
  • Zachariah (against Sam and Dean Winchester) - After multiple attempts to get Dean to say "yes" to Michael end in failure, Zachariah was left disgraced amongst the other angels and desiring revenge as well as to complete his mission. To this end, Zachariah took enjoyment in torturing the Winchesters in Heaven before God sent Joshua to intervene and stop Zachariah.[69] Zachariah's quest for revenge was ended when he was killed by Dean Winchester during the Raising of Adam Milligan.[58] In an alternate timeline, Zachariah was enraged by the Winchesters messing with history and screwing up Heaven's plan, leading Zachariah to order Castiel to kill them. During the fight that followed, Zachariah tried to torture answers out of Sam only to be once again killed by a Winchester armed with an angel blade, this time Sam, who subsequently banished Castiel to stop the angel from killing them.[50]
  • Alternate Michael (against Sam, Dean, and Castiel) - Because they trapped him in Dean's subconscious, Michael grew to deeply hate them for humiliating him and thwarting his plans. After Dean was incapacitated by the Gorgon Noah Ophis, Michael did not want to possess him again but choose an alternative vessel in the form of Rowena. Michael slaughtered Team Free Will's allies and tortured them for their acts on him, before voicing his intentions of destroying the world after succeeding. However, Jack impeded him and using the Enochian magic keeping him alive, incinerated the Archangel.[43]


  • Jack (against Alternate Zachariah) - Jack was disgusted by Zachariah trying to manipulate him into opening a rift and disguising himself as Castiel to turn him against his friends. When they meet again, Jack stopped Zachariah from killing Mary Winchester and killed him and his forces to save Bobby Singer's colony.[70]
  • Jack (against Alternate Michael) - Because Michael tried to use him to open a rift to invade the Main Universe, Jack refused and was tortured by the latter. Jack escaped Michael along with Mary Winchester and decided to kill the Archangel to prevent his army from destroying humanity in Apocalypse World.[70] For months, Jack waged war on the archangel and saved many humans in the process. After Michael invaded the prime world, he attacked the bunker and Sam prayed to Jack for help. Jack quickly appeared and attacked Michael for hurting his family and his previous torture of him.[62] Jack later stated to Castiel that Michael had to be stopped at all costs, even if it meant killing Dean.[71] After Michael possesses Rowena MacLeod, Jack finally gets his revenge by exorcising Michael and then burning him away using the power of his soul. After killing Michael, Jack absorbs his grace, restoring Jack's own lost Nephilim powers.[43]
  • Jack (against God) - For killing him, Jack after being resurrected by Death seeks to kill his grandfather. However, Jack had to remain in The Empty until God left Earth or else he'd be killed again. Jack would consume the hearts of the remaining Grigori to get strength to have a chance.



  • Fortuna (against Sam and Dean Winchester) - Angry that the Winchesters threatened her son Pax and her livelihood, Fortuna stated that she intended to kill them in revenge if they lost their game of pool with her. However, when Sam and Dean eventually lost, Fortuna, recognizing them as true heroes, chose to help them instead of taking revenge.[47]
  • Fortuna (against God) - Fortuna stated that she held a grudge against God and wanted revenge for his abandoning the pagan gods to survive on scraps in the wilderness while he prospered. Possibly as part of this, she aided the Winchesters by giving them advice and restoring their lost luck after recognizing them as true heroes.[47]
  • Loki, Fenrir, Narfi and Sleipnir (against Gabriel) - After Gabriel came to them for help following his "death" at the hands of Lucifer, Loki and his family betrayed Gabriel and sell him to the Prince of Hell Asmodeus as Loki blamed Gabriel for his father Odin's death.[64]
  • Zeus (against Prometheus) - After Prometheus gave humans fire, Zeus blamed Prometheus for the gods losing power. As a result, in retaliation, Zeus chained Prometheus to a mountain and cursed him so that Prometheus would die every day and come back only to repeat the cycle over and over again. Thousands of years later, Zeus enjoyed the idea of placing Prometheus' son Oliver in the same punishment as a way of getting greater revenge on Prometheus, but Prometheus sacrifices himself to kill Zeus to save his son.[75]


  • Richard Beesome (against Annie "Alex" Jones) - After Alex fed him to her vampire "family," Richard became a vampire himself and killed his own family in his bloodlust. With the help of Henry, Richard attempted to gain revenge against Alex by building her life up and then destroying it. His revenge was foiled by the Winchesters and Richard was killed by Dean Winchester.[76]
  • Eve (against Castiel) - After Dean and Castiel return to Purgatory in search of a Leviathan Blossom, a Leviathan reveals to them that Eve wants revenge against Castiel for the deaths of the Alphas and his absorbing the souls of her "children" as a power source. Though several Leviathans succeed in capturing Castiel and try to take him to Eve, the Seraphim manages to escape with a Leviathan Blossom, reunites with Dean and returns to Earth through the rift that Michael opened with only a short time left before it closes, depriving Eve of her chance at revenge.[48]
  • Dixon (against Gordon Walker) - After capturing sadistic hunter Gordon Walker, the vampire Dixon turned Gordon into a vampire as well in order to exact some measure of revenge upon him. However, Gordon killed Dixon's Daughters and escaped, leaving Dixon distraught and suicidal. After being found by the Winchesters, Dixon explained his failed attempt at revenge to them before begging Dean to kill him which Dean complied with.[77]
  • Roy Dobbs (against Sam Winchester) - After being used as bait for the Female Arachne by a soulless Sam Winchester, Roy was turned into an Arachne himself and became consumed by a desire for revenge against Sam. After luring Sam, now with a soul and no memories, back to town, Roy attempted to kill Dean to get at Sam. However, his wife freed Sam who was able to kill Roy and save his brother.[78]
  • Elias Finch (against Tye Mortimer, a sheriff and a deputy) - In 1861, the wife of phoenix Elias Finch was raped and murdered by a local deputy, a crime Elias was framed for by the local judge, sheriff and the deputy. Elias survived his execution due to his nature as a phoenix and sought revenge against those who killed his wife and framed him. Despite the intervention of the Winchesters, Elias succeeded before he was killed by Dean Winchester with the Colt.[79]
  • Kate Ghoul and Adam Ghoul (against the Winchester Family) - After John Winchester killed their father in 1999, these two ghouls sought revenge upon him for his actions. Years later, they murdered Kate Milligan and her son Adam and took their forms to get at John, learning in the process that he was dead. As Adam, who was John's son, one of the ghouls got close to Sam and gained his trust. Though the ghouls locked Dean up and began draining Sam of his blood in order to feed upon him, Dean was able to get free and killed both of the ghouls before they could complete their revenge.[80]
  • Henry (against Annie "Alex" Jones) - High school student turned into a vampire by Richard Beesome to aid his revenge against Alex. The plot was foiled by the Winchesters and Henry was killed by Claire Novak.[76]
  • Benny Lafitte (against The Old Man and the vampirates) - Following his resurrection by Dean Winchester, Benny sought revenge upon the vampirates who had killed him and The Old Man in particular. With the help of Dean Winchester, Benny wiped out the vampirates and got his revenge.[81]
  • Marlon (against Dean Winchester) - During his attempt to find and rescue Wendy Hanscum, Dean roughed up Marlon for information, unaware that Marlon was a vampire. After Marlon turned Doug Stover, Dean demanded to know where Agent Terrance Clegg was with Sam. Marlon refused and enjoyed taunting Dean that he wouldn't help because he held a grudge for Dean's previous treatment of him. However, Donna Hanscum kneecapped Marlon with a shotgun and threatened to make his death slow if he didn't help them. Marlon quickly gave Dean and Donna what they wanted before Donna killed him.[82]
  • Luther's nest (against Daniel Elkins) - Led by Kate, Luther's nest attacked and killed hunter Daniel Elkins who had killed their leader Luther's family sometime before. However, Luther was not pleased as he knew that it would only bring more hunters down upon them.[49]
  • Ramsey (against Gwen Hernandez) - After being released by two demons to create a distraction, Ramsey attacked Gwen and her boyfriend Marcus, killing Marcus but being injured by Gwen in return. Enraged, Ramsey sought to gain revenge against Gwen, but was killed by Sam Winchester with an angel blade before she could harm Gwen.[83]
  • Juanita Schultz (against her husband's surgical team, non-canon) - In 1992, as a human, Juanita's husband Brent died during bypass surgery, something that Juanita blamed his entire surgical team for and publicly protested against the hospital as a result. After getting turned into a werewolf through unknown circumstances, Juanita sought revenge, but was killed by Bobby Singer after a failed attempt by Sam and Dean Winchester.[84]
  • Alpha Vampire (against the British Men of Letters) - After the British Men of Letters began an operation to wipe out all vampires in the United States, the Alpha Vampire led a vampire raid on the British Men of Letters compound to wipe out the British operation and protect his children. Though the raid succeeded in killing most of the operatives present, the Alpha Vampire was killed by Sam Winchester with the Colt and help from Mary Winchester and Mick Davies, driving off the surviving vampires.[85]


  • Elizabeth Claire Marbrough (against the people of Cedar Wells, Arizona, non canon) - Due her use of magic to harm those in town that offend her, Elizabeth is banished to a canyon in what would become known as Witch's Canyon by her son Jens. Enraged, but unwilling to use magic against her own family, the enraged Elizabeth began plotting revenge, ultimately casting a spell that would become known as The Forty Year. The spell, which would take effect upon Elizabeth's death in 1886, would cause everything that had ever died on the property of her son's ranch, human and animal, to come back to life every forty years and kill indiscriminately for a few days. Some of the spirits would return in their original human forms and others would be skinwalkers that could take on the form of various animals. This spell took effect in 1926, 1966 and 2006. During the last murder cycle as the Forty Year would become known as, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester figured out the source of the events with the help of Harmon Baird who had survived both of the previous cycles. During a battle with the ghost of Elizabeth, Dean performed a counterspell from John Winchester's Journal alongside a salt and burn performed on her bones by Juliet Monroe which broke the spell and ended the Forty Year for good.[86]
  • Rowena MacLeod (against Crowley) - After Crowley kicks her out of his lair[60] and especially after he forces her to kill Oskar,[87] Rowena develops a grudge against her son and wishes him dead. Her first attempt at revenge is to make a deal with hunter Sam Winchester to kill Crowley in exchange for Rowena removing the Mark of Cain from Dean.[88] Though Rowena succeeds in forcing the issue with Sam after Charlie Bradbury decodes the Book of the Damned, Sam's ambush fails to kill Crowley.[40] Next, Rowena places the Attack Dog Spell on the Seraphim Castiel and forces him to attack and kill an immobilized Crowley.[87] Once again, the attempt fails when Crowley flees his vessel for his own safety.[89] With the war against the Darkness raging, Rowena is forced to set aside her revenge and work with Crowley to defeat the Darkness and later Lucifer. However, Rowena doesn't forget her anger over Oskar's death and exacts a measure of revenge by helping to send Gavin MacLeod back to his own time to force Crowley to feel the loss of a child like she did.[90] This would be their last meeting before Crowley's death and Rowena would later express remorse on several occasions for her strained relationship with her son.
  • Witch Mother (against Dean) - After Dean killed her daughter, the Witch Mother tried to magically grind his heart into dust in revenge, but was stopped and killed by Sam before she could succeed.[91]


  • Kevin Tran (against Crowley) - After Crowley was captured and held prisoner in the Men of Letters bunker dungeon, Kevin, enraged over Crowley's presumed murder of his mother and Crowley's taunts, took the opportunity to exact revenge upon him by attacking Crowley with the various instruments in the dungeon, an act that merely amused Crowley.[92]

Regular HumansEdit

  • Aaron Birch (against Officers Gerald Hatch, Toby Gray and Ed Colfax) - During a traffic stop, Officers Hatch, Gray and Colfax pulled over Aaron's older brother Christopher and for an unknown reason, shot him in the head and murdered him. The three officers planted a gun on Christopher and all told the same story, allowing them to get away with his murder. Enraged by the lack of justice for his brother, Aaron made a deal with the angel Balthazar wherein he sold his soul to Balthazar in exchange for part of the Staff of Moses. Using the Staff, Aaron was able to exact his revenge upon the three officers by inflicting three of the Ten Plagues of Egypt upon them, liquifying Hatch, covering Gray in boils inside and out that suffocated him and causing locusts to eat their way through Colfax's brain and out of his skull. After discovering what Aaron had done, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester trapped Balthazar in a circle of holy fire and forced him to give back Aaron's soul.[93]
  • Deputy Kathleen Hudak (against Pa Bender) - After capturing the Bender Family with the help of the Winchesters, Kathleen demands of Pa to know why the family killed her brother. After Pa laughs and tells her they did it because it was fun, she shoots him dead in retaliation.[94]
  • Shaylene Johnson (against the Pimp Demon) - Enraged at being forced into prostitution by the demon and his comments about her, Shaylene grabbed an angel blade from Dean and stabbed the Pimp Demon, who was stuck in a devil's trap, to death. Though Sam and Dean were annoyed as the demon was their only lead to a brothel they were searching for, Shaylene was instead able to provide them with a card from the demon's body that had the address to Raul's Girls on it.[23]
  • Olga Kucharski (against Steve Bullinger, Tony Lacosta and Lucy Quinn, non canon) - After her grandson died in a horrible car accident while drunk driving, Olga desired revenge against his two best friends and girlfriend, blaming them for the death of her grandson, especially as they all got away relatively unscathed and were not charged with any crimes, possibly because Lucy's father was the local Chief of Police. Olga's bottled-up rage and dreams about exacting revenge upon the trio combined with her knowledge of Polish folklore called her to inadvertently summon a Night Hag in her sleep which began preying upon the town of Clayton Falls where Olga lived. The night hag exacted Olga's revenge upon Steve and Tony by conjuring a manifestation of Teodor's car that ran them both down, but was prevented from killing Lucy by Sam and Dean Winchester. Furthermore, the night hag went on to wreak havoc upon Clayton Falls, killing a lot of people, including Olga, before the night hag was finally killed by Sam.[95]
  • Dale Lampert (against Jim McAnn and Randy Baxter) - After his business partners sold his business out from under him, Dale sought revenge upon them by sending a Shōjō to kill their kids as he saw the business as "his baby." Following Dale's suicide, the bottle containing the Shōjō was opened by Jim McAnn's son Trevor and the creature killed Trevor, his brother Ray and his sister Lillian. Before it could kill Randy Baxter's son Lee or target Jim's remaining child Marie, the Shōjō was killed by Dean Winchester, preventing Dale's revenge from being completed.[96]
  • Thomas Romero - (against Henry Parker) - After the death of his girlfriend Barbara Wallace at the hands of kohonta Henry Parker, Thomas sought to get revenge despite his father's assertations that the killer was simply a wild coyote. Though Thomas was injured in the process and knocked unconscious, his revenge was achieved when his father killed Henry with the help of the Winchesters. Sam later suggested that Mason tell Thomas the truth about what had happened.[97]
  • Linda Tran (against Del) - After being rescued by Sam and Dean, the brothers captured Del and gave her the chance to kill her former captor for the torture he put her through. Linda gladly took the opportunity while ignoring Del's pleas and stabbed him in his chest, killing him.[98]
  • Nick (against Abraxas) - Following his possession by Lucifer, Nick sought revenge on his family's killer who still hadn't been caught years later. Frustrated with the police's inability to gain justice, Nick visited Arty Nielson, his former neighbor who witnessed a man running out of his house on the night of the murder but subsequently recanted his testimony. After strangling Arty against a wall to force Arty to give him information, Nick beat the man to death with a hammer, the same way his wife and son were murdered.[71] Having learned that Arty saw a cop come out of his house and was then threatened into silence by the police, Nick attempted to track down the cop, torturing and murdering a priest who Arty had confessed to. Nick ultimately tracked down former cop Frank Kellogg and realized from Frank's story that he had been possessed by the demon Abraxas to murder Nick's wife and son. Though Nick recognized that Frank was innocent, he beat Frank to death with a hammer regardless as Frank's hands were used to commit the murders.[99] Nick then began hunting Abraxas, capturing and torturing demons to learn where he was. After learning that Abraxas had been captured by Mary Winchester from Abraxas' Friend, Nick kidnapped Mary and forced her to lead him to her lock-up where Abraxas was imprisoned in an Enochian Puzzle Box. Nick kidnapped a security guard named Jeff to act as Abraxas' vessel and released the demon who demanded Mary's slow and painful death for his own revenge in exchange. After being stopped by Sam, Dean and Sheriff Donna Hanscum, Nick broke the devil's trap holding Abraxas who revealed that he had murdered Nick's family on Lucifer's orders. In the confrontation that followed, Nick killed Abraxas with an angel blade and finally got his revenge. As a result of his actions to get that revenge, Nick was arrested by Donna for the murders he had committed which his fingerprints linked him to. Nick was unrepentant, claiming that he did what he had to in order to get revenge for his family.[72] After escaping and returning to his house in search of Lucifer, Nick encountered his wife Sarah's ghost who had been trapped in the house by the unfinished business of her and Teddy's murders. Though Nick told Sarah that he had gotten her revenge by killing Abraxas, Sarah revealed that it wasn't enough to free her spirit as her unfinished business also had to do with Nick's connection to Lucifer.[100]
  • Joe Phillips (against the Dave Mather ghoul) - While investigating Dave's crimes, Joe's nephew Deputy Carl Phillips was murdered by the ghoul, leaving Joe determined to get revenge outside of the scope of the law. After Dave robbed a bank and was identified, Joe teamed up with Dean to hunt the ghoul at the local mortuary and cemetery. During a final confrontation with Dave, Joe decapitated Dave with Dean's shotgun.[101]
  • Luther Shrike (against Barthamus) - In order to save his dying son, Luther made a deal with the Crossroad Demon Barthamus to sell his soul in exchange for Barthamus curing the boy. Though Barthamus complied, the boy died a few years later anyway of drowning and Barthamus refused to intervene. Consumed with rage and vengeance, Luther managed to locate Barthamus' bones and used them as leverage when the hellhounds took his soul to Hell to force Barthamus to resurrect him and grant Luther invulnerability on his property while Luther continued to hold Barthamus' bones hostage to force Barthamus to leave him alone. In 2017, Barthamus made a deal with Sam and Dean Winchester to steal the bones in exchange for a Nephilim tracking spell. The Winchesters stole the bones, but learned the truth from Luther before he was killed by Barthamus. Luther's revenge was ultimately achieved by Alice who burned the bones shortly after Luther's death, killing Barthamus.[102]


  • Though the Winchesters getting revenge upon enemies was a big part of the earlier seasons, in the later seasons the Winchesters more often than not attempt to talk other hunters out of their own revenge quests. On these occasions, both note that they have learned from their own history with revenge that while it feels good at the time it happens, it doesn't last long and doesn't change anything, something that some of the characters they have helped get revenge have learned.
  • In The Chitters, while discussing revenge, Dean and Cesar Cuevas acknowledge that they only know a few hunters who have managed to get the revenge that drove them to become hunters in the first place. Both men note that even after getting revenge, the people are never the same but share a belief that sometimes, you just have to help them get that revenge anyway.
  • The Winchesters revenge quests play a major role in Season 1, Season 2, Season 4 and Season 7. Seasons 1 and 2 focus on their revenge against the Prince of Hell Azazel for the murder of their mother, the event that got them into hunting in the first place. Season 4 focuses heavily on Sam's revenge against Lilith, something that both Lilith and Ruby are shown to use to manipulate him. In Season 7, Dean becomes dangerously obsessed with revenge upon Dick Roman for murdering Bobby Singer. In each case, they get their revenge though Dean lets go of his against Dick before he gets it at the request of Bobby's ghost.
  • Revenge plays a major role in Season 11 which features the Darkness' attempt to get revenge on God. The season also features the characters Reese, Eileen Leahy, Richard Beesome and Jesse Cuevas working to get their own revenge. The Winchesters talk Reese out of her revenge, help Eileen and Jesse though they try to convince both that revenge won't change anything and stop Richard.
  • Though most hunters claim they will stop hunting once they have their revenge, including Sam Winchester, most never do. The only known hunters to actually retire once they have gotten their revenge or been talked out of it are Cole Trenton, Reese, Jesse Cuevas and Cesar Cuevas, the latter two who had made plans for their future outside of hunting ahead of time in case they succeeded. Most hunters are shown to continue on once they have their revenge with Eileen Leahy, after killing the Banshee that murdered her parents, stating that it feels like just another kill and hunting is the only life that she really knows. Lily Sunder was also initially uncertain if she could let go of her vendetta against Castiel for his role in the murders of her husband and daughter, but later showed no animosity towards him, having been satisfied with her revenge against Ishim. Like Jesse and Cesar, Lily had turned her attention to something else, namely getting into Heaven to be with her daughter when she died.
  • Uniquely, Season 11 ends with Dean using his experience with revenge to talk the Darkness out of it and getting her to reconcile with God instead of trying to kill her with the Soul Bomb. In this case, the Darkness has gotten her revenge but feels remorse for her actions after getting it, allowing Dean the chance to convince her that revenge isn't worth it. In doing so, Dean saves all of Creation from destruction.
  • Dean has been the target of several attempts at revenge, none of which have succeeded. Sam has been the target of far fewer attempts, mainly Meg's plot in Born Under a Bad Sign.
  • One of the revenge attempts against Dean was a young man who witnessed Dean kill his monster father as a child and misunderstood what he saw. This is an example of someone attempting to get revenge against a hunter for a perceived evil act.
  • After Dean killed Amy Pond, her son essentially swore revenge upon Dean. However, he has yet to attempt it.
  • Though Jesse Cuevas got his revenge when the Bisaan were killed in The Chitters, he ultimately had no part of it aside from destroying the Bisaan eggs. All of the Bisaan were killed by Dean and Cesar Cuevas with Jesse elsewhere when Dean and Cesar located the burrow and took out the remaining Bisaan. Despite not having personally killed any of the monsters, Jesse was left satisfied that it was over.
  • In Back and to the Future, Belphegor suggests that Michael will want revenge upon the Winchesters if he escapes from Lucifer's Cage. However, it is proven to be false in Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven, where Michael did not seek them out for revenge, instead choosing to travel the world searching for a new purpose, and only once Castiel called him did he interact with the Winchesters again. Michael even appeared to be willing to consider forgiving Castiel had he begged for forgiveness until they captured and brought him to the bunker. Although Michael showed immediate outrage and resentment for them leaving him and Adam trapped, Michael eventually chose to help them against God after seeing first-hand his father's apathy towards all creation, including him.


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