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I believe its time to go. Consider this a rescue. (...) This would all go so much faster if you just had your bloody wings!

The Rescue of Gabriel was an effort undertaken by former British Men of Letters operative Arthur Ketch to rescue the imprisoned archangel Gabriel from the Prince of Hell Asmodeus.



Following the return of Lucifer from Apocalypse World, the Prince of Hell Asmodeus hired former British Men of Letters operative turned mercenary hunter Arthur Ketch to help him find the Nephilim Jack.[1] After Lucifer escaped Asmodeus' custody alongside the Seraphim Castiel, he sent Arthur on a mission to kill the weakened Lucifer. The mission ultimately failed and Arthur chose to become a double-agent for the Winchesters. Upon Arthur's return to Crowley's old lair, Asmodeus revealed to Arthur that he had acquired the Archangel Blade, the one weapon that could kill an archangel. After Arthur pointed out that it needed to be wielded by another archangel to work, Asmodeus introduced Arthur to his prisoner: the archangel Gabriel[2] who had been believed dead for nearly eight years,[3] having faked his death[4] and then been sold by Loki, Fenrir, Narfi and Sleipnir to Asmodeus.[5]

Sometime later, Arthur disobeyed orders to wait for Asmodeus and in doing so, discovered Asmodeus injecting himself with Gabriel's extracted grace. Arthur's growing audacity enraged Asmodeus who brutally beat Arthur as a lesson and taunted him that Arthur would always belong to Asmodeus since he was more wicked than any demon Asmodeus knew which was all of them.[6]


In the aftermath of his beating by Asmodeus, Arthur Ketch noticed Gabriel staring at him from his nearby cage and initially got annoyed, but changed his mind and decided to leave while rescuing Gabriel at the same time. Arthur opened Gabriel's cage and told him to "consider this a rescue" before stealing the archangel blade and Asmodeus' store of Gabriel's extracted grace. After stealing the items, Arthur attempted to get Gabriel to emerge from his cage, but Gabriel was too terrified and had to be dragged out by Arthur.

As Arthur dragged the terrified Gabriel through the halls of Crowley's old lair, he lamented that the rescue would go much faster if Gabriel still had his wings. After rounding a corner, Arthur was confronted by Asmodeus' Guard who was shocked to see Arthur leaving with Gabriel. Before the demon could get over his shock, Arthur stabbed him with the archangel blade, killing the demon.

With the path cleared, Arthur was able to successfully get Gabriel out of the lair and to the Men of Letters bunker.[6]


After returning from a successful mission to find the Seal of Solomon, the Winchesters discovered Arthur Ketch in the Men of Letters bunker and were shocked to find Gabriel with him, having believed him to be dead for years.[3] In exchange for giving the Winchesters Gabriel, the archangel blade and Gabriel's extracted grace, Arthur requested sanctuary in the bunker from Asmodeus who would come after Arthur for revenge for rescuing Gabriel. Though Sam was reluctant, Dean agreed as he saw it as a way to get their mother and Jack back. Shortly after the rescue, the Winchesters used the extracted grace stolen from Asmodeus in a ritual to open a rift to Apocalypse World that Dean and Arthur traveled through, leaving Sam and Gabriel behind.[6]

While Dean and Arthur were gone, Sam struggled to treat Gabriel's extensive injuries from his torture with the help of Castiel, feeding Gabriel the last of his extracted grace. From a story Gabriel wrote on the walls of his room in Enochian, the two learned how Gabriel's survived and how he was captured in the first place. Asmodeus eventually tracked Gabriel to the Men of Letters bunker and led a demon incursion to recapture him and kill Sam and Castiel. The incursion failed when Gabriel recovered, fought back and killed Asmodeus. Afterwards, Gabriel refused to have anything to do with the fight against Michael and departed[4] to get his revenge on Loki and his family.[5]