Renny: I was at the top of my class at Kendricks--

Eileen: No one cares.
Renny: ....

— Renny's (failed) introduction

Renny Rawling (1992 - 2017) was a member of the British Men of Letters.


Renny is given the task by Doctor Hess to keep an eye on Mick Davies, who is on his last assignment to recruit the American hunters or else kill them. Mick is not entirely pleased with having Renny tag along, but Mick introduces Renny to the Winchesters nonetheless.

When Sam and Dean reveal they are trying to capture Lucifer's kid, Mick and Renny decide to join in. After luring the child's mother, Kelly Kline, into a trap, Dean Winchester brings here to the group's location. Both Mick and Renny want Kelly to abort the child for it is too dangerous, but Sam and Dean wish to handle the situation themselves.

Before they can take Kelly anywhere, Kelly's protector Dagon shows up and intervenes, using telekinesis to send everyone flying backwards.

Renny Rawlings' corpse 12x17 1

Renny's corpse.

Eileen Leahy, a friend of the Winchesters, tries to shoot Dagon using the Colt, but Dagon teleports out of the way, leading the bullet to hit Renny instead. Renny collapses and dies from the wound, and his death drives Mick to try and kill Eileen in retaliation, as per protocol. However, Sam manages to convince Mick to ignore the code and let them go.

Mick does, but Doctor Hess doesn't approve. She orders Arthur Ketch to shoot Mick for disobeying the rules. Eileen is also distraught for having killed someone accidentally.

In There's Something About Mary, after Eileen is killed by Arthur with a hellhound, the Winchesters receive a letter from Eileen stating that she was sure the British Men of Letters were after her for killing Renny and had discovered surveillance equipment, causing her to flee Ireland in fear for her life.


Killed ByEdit

While attempting to kill the Prince of Hell Dagon, Eileen fired at her with the Colt. However, Dagon teleported away at the last moment and the Colt bullet hit Renny, who was standing behind Dagon, in the heart, accidentally killing him.


Renny was rather vain. When meeting both Dean Winchester and Eileen, he told them separately about his academic success in school, something both hunters ignored. Despite his apparently high intellect, Renny was clumsy enough to stand behind Dagon, causing Eileen's bullet to hit him.



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