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The Release of Bindings Spell was a spell capable of releasing magical bindings.


Upon reaching Lucifer while rescuing him from The Darkness, Sam, Metatron and Donatello Redfield found him magically bound. Metatron then cast this spell to release Lucifer from his bindings though it took him some time to remember all the words.


The caster must recite the spell, most of which was done muttered and with the caster's head bowed similar to a prayer. The spell itself, was Enochian.

Ee roh, mah day say tah! ... Kah toh, mah day, tay roh! ... Sah boh, tay lah!

Due to the restricted amount of time, Metatron recited a "narrowed down" version.


  • This spell is possibly from the Angel Tablet as Metatron stated that he wrote the angel tablet and "knows all the spells" while explaining how he can be helpful to the Winchesters.