Reichenbach is the 2nd episode of Season 10. It aired on October 14th, 2014.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Crowley notices Dean is becoming more and more aggressive. Dean tells him that's the side effect of being a demon, but Crowley knows it's something more - the Mark of Cain needs to be fed. Meanwhile, Sam is captured by Cole (guest star Travis Aaron Wade), an angry man who blames Dean for his father's death years ago and wants revenge. Cole tortures Sam, hoping he'll tell him where Dean is hiding. Hannah (guest star Erica Carroll) sees how weak Castiel is becoming as his grace continues to fade, so she makes a bold choice and asks Metatron (guest star Curtis Armstrong) for help.


On June 21, 2003, a thirteen-year-old boy is seen sleeping in his bedroom when he's awoken by sounds of a struggle downstairs. He slowly goes down the stairs to investigate, tripping in his father's blood, whose laying on the ground, throat slit, and a pool of blood around him. Crying for his dad, he hears someone coming back in. His father's killer. Carrying a regular, bloody silver knife is a younger Dean, about twenty-four at the time. He looks down sympathetically at the young boy whose father he had just slain.

Back to the present time is Cole telling a still tied-up Sam how Dean was the one who killed his father, and this is why he is hunting Dean. He wants to avenge his father's death. Sam says he's sorry, but tries to tell Cole that Dean had to have killed him for a reason. Cole reminds Sam that he has no reason to protect Dean since he told Cole to go ahead and kill him. When Sam attempts to tell him that there are monsters out there, Cole assumes he means psychotic humans, such as suicide bombers or child soldiers. But Sam means monsters such as vampires and werewolves. Sam shows Cole the hunting weapons he carries in his dufflel bag, even though Cole still doesn't believe him. Instead he pulls out his own bag, puts on a pair of gloves and pulls out a hammer.

As the song Cherry Pie plays, Dean is enjoying watching a stripper at a strip bar, but he doesn't stop touching her after being warned that it's a rule. When a bouncer tries to make him leave, Dean begins beating him mercilessly.

As the scene goes back and forth between Dean beating up the bouncer and Cole torturing Sam. Cole continues to try to beat some answers out of Sam. Even grabbing Sam by the neck, then trying to break his injured arm. But Sam refuses to give up his brother. Cole then decides to take it farther and prepares to take a swing at Sam's knee with his hammer. Sam is saved by a cute ringtone coming from Cole's pocket; his 'significant other' calling him. When Cole goes to leave the room Sam notices Cole dropped his keys, which have a pocket knife attached, when he pulled the phone out his pocket - they're lying on the floor close by. Sam grabs them as Cole leaves the room to talk to his son. When Cole comes back to the barn, the chair is laying on its side, empty. Sam has scarpered...

As Dean leaves the bar he finds Crowley standing outside waiting for him. Wanting to talk about Dean's burgeoning "anger management issues". 

Castiel washes his face over an outside sink somewhere, then tries to heal his wound, to no avail. Hannah comes over and gladly heals it for him. Cass then gets a call from Sam, telling him to meet him in Beulah, North Dakota because Dean and Crowley were recently there. But when Sam tells Cass that Dean is a demon, Castiel is completely surprised and clearly deeply upset. Cass agrees to meet him there, and Sam finds an old truck and steals it, preventing Cole from being able to use a kill-switch again. Hannah and Cass ride in the middle of the night to meet with Sam. Hannah expresses how much she doesn't like Sam and Dean, believing them a bad influence on Cass; but Castiel defends them, telling her they are not only the best men he's known but also his friends. He begins to fall asleep while driving as a large truck approaches and almost crashes into them. Castiel narrowly avoids the truck but crashes into a tree instead.

Dean and Crowley are sitting at a bar, and Crowley asks Dean how he's been, tells him that's because of the Mark of Cain , he's changed. Dean replies by flashing his demon black eyes. Crowley acknowledges that the Mark needs to be fed by Dean killing someone. Crowley offers him a kill: A woman who cheated on her husband, was caught, and is divorcing him and wants half his money. The husband made a deal with Crowley to sell his soul in exchange for having his wife, Mindy, killed. Then tells Dean that there's something else he needs to tell him.

Castiel's car is towed to an Auto Repair, and the woman offers to let Cass and Hannah stay at her place for the night while she fixes the car. Hannah goes to inspect the food in the fridge. When she comes back Castiel is asleep on the couch. She lays his trenchcoat over him like a blanket.

Dean stands outside Mindy's window, watching her, preparing to follow Crowley's deal when a car approaches. Mindy's husband, Lester, has arrived and Dean goes inside where he reveals his identity as a demon. Lester then explains that he wants to sit outside the house and make sure the killing "gets done right". Dean tells him that waiting outside the house is a bad idea, then calls him a loser. Lester then reveals that he cheated first, thinking it's different when men do it - men aren't made to be monogomous. Dean punches him, and Lester calls Dean a "punk-ass demon and that he works for him", and to go do his job, calling him a "freak". Dean smirks, then proceeds to stab and kill him with the First Blade instead, much to his surprise. 

Sam is outside the bar where Dean beat up the bouncer, who he is questioning. As he drives away, Cole is sitting in his car nearby, following Sam (having previously let him escape on purpose).

When Castiel wakes up the next morning, the mechanic's daughter sits next to him, and they bond over talking about dreams. Hannah and the mechanic see just how well Cass is with children, and how great a guy he is - thinking they're a couple. Hannah denies they're a couple, though it does make her contemplate it for a moment (she seems rather keen).

Crowley has a meeting with his demons, which he is clearly bored with. Dean comes back and tells him that he killed Lester instead of Mindy, thus breaking the deal and losing Crowley Lester's wife's soul. Crowley is not impressed, then tells Dean that he needs to pick a side, being a demon or being human. Dean responds with an : "Or what?" - He then proceeds to shove Crowley, who sprawls to the floor. Who, when he gets back up, tells Dean that their relationship is over - he's tired of Dean's insubordination.

Sam walks out of his motel room with Crowley waiting for him outside, offering to give up Dean to Sam (for a small "finder's fee".).

Castiel wakes up in the car again, at a playground, finding that Hannah has gone to Heaven to talk to Metatron. He's still behind bars, this time wearing a straightjacket. Hannah demands to know if there is any more of Cass's grace left, and that she wants it. Metatron says he'll give it to her if she lets him out. He says he's had time to think and is done with Earth, just wants to escape to another planet and be done with it. He taunts her into making a deal, but Castiel interrupts and tells her that he would rather die than ever let Metatron escape. Cass knows that deals like this always end badly, and besides reminds Hannah that Metatron is a liar - Hannah has no choice but to listen and accept Castiel's wishes. Before leaving, Cass tells Metatron that him being locked up is his "happy place". Metatron yells to Cass that without his grace he'll soon die, and that eventually he will escape and kill everyone. 

Dean is sitting at a piano at a bar, pondering over what Crowley said to him. He looks over and sees Sam, who tells him that Crowley sold him out. Sam wants to cure Dean, but Dean reminds him that he left because he didn't want to be cured. Sam tells him that he's come to take him back home, which Dean makes fun of. Just as Sam is about to try to handcuff him with demon cuffs, a smoke/gas can breaks through the window. Sam runs outside gasping for air where Cole knocks him out.

Dean and Cole finally have a face-off. Dean taunts Cole for not having killed Sam as he had threatened he would. Then Cole tells him that Dean is the one who killed his father when he was thirteen. Dean doesn't deny it, but doesn't seem to remember, or care for that matter. Cole, convinced he can take Dean, shows how prepared he is to fight him, pulls out a knife and charges him. Dean is able to hold him off with ease, almost laughing about it. All of Cole's knowledge in martial arts and fighting isn't enough to defeat Dean, who continues to defeat and make fun of him. Cole responds by cutting Dean's cheek, who then grabs him and when asked who/what he is, reveals that he's a demon by flashing his black eyes before beating him brutally. Cole freaks out, hardley believing his eyes, as Dean pulls out the First Blade and holds it to Cole's throat. Cole, utterly defeated, screams at Dean to just kill him, but Dean changes his mind, refuses and just drops him.

While Dean is distracted by this, Sam splashes holy water all over him. Dean flails his arms and groans in pain as Sam grabs his arm and cuffs his hand. Dean goes to grab Sam with his free hand, which gets cuffed too. Sam screams at him to stop, that it's over as Dean glares up hatefully at his brother.

With Dean in the backseat of the Impala, handcuffed, he watches as Sam hands over the First Blade to Crowley, who tells him that he'll get creative in hiding the blade. Knowing that Dean will want to get back at him for ratting him out if he ever gets a hold of the blade again. Before leaving, he takes one last look at Dean, who glares at him with pure hatred.

Cole is holding onto a bookshelf, bloodied and out of breath. He demands to have every book the library has on demons, now more determined than ever to destroy Dean.

Crowley, back in the bar, looks back for a bit on his and Dean's time together as he sadly looks at some photos of them on his phone (while "Hey there, lonely girl" plays in the background on the jukebox). It's clear Crowley is already missing Dean and no doubt will continue to do so, perhaps slightly regretting his betrayal. His two lessor demons convince him that it's time for them to move on, and they leave the bar they're at.

Dean and Sam head back to the bunker, with Dean handcuffed in the back seat and Sam driving. Sam notices how messy the car is and says so. Dean responds with, "It's just a car, Sam," which really surprises him and is proof positive just how dark and changed his brother has become. However he's pleased to remind Dean that by not killing Cole he took mercy on him so might still be hanging on to some of his humanity. But Dean scoffs at that, explaining that because Cole spent years preparing himself to avenge his father's death only to be so easily beaten by Dean, that letting him live was the worst thing he could've done to him - that it most certainly was not merciful. Then, with a smirk, he tells Sam what he's going to do to him will definitely not be merciful either. Sam quietly looks concerned, clearly unsure what to do next, as he drives on...


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  • This episode marks the first time for this season that Sam and demon Dean meet face-to-face.
  • Dean's killing of Cole's father took place in 2003, two years before the series' beginning in 2005, and when he and Sam were estranged.
  • Throughout the series Dean's love of the Impala has been a source of comedy. So Sam is understandably surprised when Dean dismisses it as being "just a car" at the end of the episode.
  • After Sam gives Crowley the Blade and asks what Crowley is going to do with it, he answers: "Toss it into a volcano, leave it on the moon..." In What's Up, Tiger Mommy? Crowley says that he owns the moon.
  • When Sam tells Crowley that his giving up Dean's location "doesn't make them square" and that if he saw him again, he'd kill him, this is reminiscent to Dean telling Crowley the same thing in Road Trip.


  • The episode title "Reichenbach" may be a reference to Reichenbach Falls, the series of waterfalls in Switzerland where Sherlock Holmes and his nemesis Professor Moriarty originally met their ends in the short story "The Final Problem" (Holmes was brought back to life after fan outrage). In this episode Cole confronts his nemesis - Dean.
  • When Hannah goes to Metatron to negotiate Castiel's grace he welcomes her by saying "Hello, Beautiful", which is a reference to the Joker's line from The Dark Knight.
  • At the end of this episode, whilst taunting Cole, Dean references The Princess Bride when he says, "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die."
  • In the final scene where Dean tells Sam to "imagine that he spent his whole life hunting down the guy that knifed your father", this is true to a point in that Sam as well as Dean himself did spend their whole lives hunting down the thing that killed their mother rather than their father.
  • Dean saying "Right now I'm doing all I can not to come over there and rip your throat out... with my teeth" might be a reference to Teen Wolf.
  • Crowley saying "'Havin' fun, fun, fun 'til Daddy takes the 'Black Eyes' away.'" is a reference to the Beach Boys' song "Fun, Fun, Fun."
  • The business card Sam hands the bouncer says "Lemmy Kilmister". Lemmy was Founder and Singer of the rock band "Motörhead".


  • Crowley: So... how ya been feeling?? On edge? Pent-up? Unfulfilled?
  • Dean: You sound like a Viagra commercial. You know that, right?
  • Crowley: This isn't about "Little Dean." It's about the Mark. It's changed you.
  • Dean: [smirks] I've noticed.
  • Crowley: I know you want to keep the party going; you want to be "Havin' fun, fun, fun 'til Daddy takes the 'Black Eyes' away." Fact NEED to kill now. Not want to. Not choose to. NEED to.

Face it, Darling, you're an addict. Death is your drug, and you're gonna spend the rest of your life chasing that dragon.

  • Hannah: Castiel, I think the Winchesters are a bad influence on you.
  • Castiel: Sam and Dean may be a bit rough around the edges, but they're the best men I've ever known. And they're my friends.


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Supernatural 10x02 Promo "Reichenbach" (HD)

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Supernatural 10x02 Extended Promo "Reichenbach" (HD)


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