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Reginald Hardigan was a corrupt police chief of Moyer Police Department. In aftermath the events of Supernatural: Joyride he retired from his job, but stll maintained contact with the Pangento Chemical. He was also one of officials that responsible for false reporting and covered-up the 1968 Free Folks of the Fields incident.


At 1968, he was young officer that involved with police at that time to investigate Free Folks of the Fields mass murder-suicide. With the police at that time, he found that many victims, bodies and parts. However, the local town officials asked to police to cover it up as it will damage Moyer's tourism reputation; from the town mayor, local police chief, town council and chamber of commerce, along with the cooperation of the local press. They agreed to covered it up and reported only 23 people. The rest of unreported bodies and parts eventually buried secretly.

He also responsible to cover-up when Pangento Chemical opened factory and spilled toxical wastes to nearby area around Lake Delsea, leading to dwindling Moyer tourism.

Supernatural: JoyrideEdit

Hardigan was encountered The Winchesters when they come to Moyer first time. At that time, officers suspected that there are toxic wastes spills, however he claimed that there is no leakage occured and officers already visit the factory.

Hardigan later approached again by Officer Tom Gruber. Gruber later tell him his findings. Connecting the findings from Sam and Dean, Gruber traced back that all of chaos and anarchy in Moyer are related and traced back to 1968 explosion event. Hardigan began to show discomfort. Gruber became suspicious with his boss. Gruber appproached him, and finally Hardigan told the truth behind 1968 explosion event. He admitted the cover-up and revealed that nearly all of old timers at Moyer already knowing it, but passing the cover-up from generations to generations, through elaborate cover-up set by town officials. After Moyer tourism dwindled and Pangento sticking their nails to Moyer economy, the incident become forgotten by most population.

When Police come to recover the Yates from their house, Hardigan teamed up with Gruber, and two backup officers, Bowman, and Morrissey. Hardigan, as well as Bowman and Morrissey subsequently possessed by The Shadow People. Officer Bowman and Morrissey were forced to commit suicide with their own shotgun, blasting their heads. Hardigan himself possessed by part of Caleb spirit, and tased Gruber. Hardigan subsequently defeated by Dean after he radiated him with blacklight and shot the spirit inhabiting him with rock salt. Hardigan lost conciousness.

Hardigan eventually evacuated by Dean out of Yates' house.

In aftermath of the crisis, Hardigan stepped down from police chief position and retired. However, Gruber later revealed that, from investigation, his another illicit activity uncovered and it was proven that he actually knowing that he also responsible with illegal toxic waste dumping performed by Pangento. With enough proofs, Gruber and others can lay pressure to Pangento and he used it as perfect scapegoat for covering the supernatural involvement of mass misbehaviors in Moyer, and covered it as "side-effect" of prolonged toxic chemical exposure in water and soil for nearly 50 years. The Pangento subsequently agreed to pay anything that they caused and establishing foundation to relief the victims. Gruber also ensured that, with his atrocities uncovered, Hardigan cannot enjoyed his retirement in peace.


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