Reggie Hull is a friend of Tim Janklow.


Reggie and fellow hunters Steve Bose and Tim Janklow visit Hoyt's bar in hopes of recruiting Sam Winchester in dealing with a bunch of demons. Although he had been informed by Bobby Singer that Sam was off limits, Reggie didn't agree with this since it would be better if all hands were on deck. Sam only apologized for this, much to Tim's dislike, who insisted Sam join in on the hunt since The Apocalypse was looming over them.

Eventually, the three hunters left Sam alone. However, the hunt didn't go as planned and Steve ended up with his guts ripped out. A captured demon also informed Tim and Reggie that Sam had been the one to start The Apocalypse. Infuriated, Tim and Reggie decided to return to the bar and take Sam's co-worker Lindsey hostage. In exchange for freeing Lindsey, the two hunters wanted Sam to drink from a vial of demon blood, which they had learned would cause Sam to "hulk out" and be able to take out the demons who had killed Steve.

Reggie holding Lindsey 1

Reggie holding Lindsey hostage.

Reggie held Lindsey at knife point while Tim tried to convince Sam to agree to their deal. When Sam repeatedly refused, the two hunters forced the demon blood down Sam's throat. Sam resisted, and fought against the two men, managing to steal Reggie's knife and threaten Tim with it. When Sam noticed how horrified Lindsey was, he shoved the two men out of the bar and warned them never to come back.



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