Reggie was a vampire who preyed upon girls in Superior, Nebraska.


In 2015, Reggie comes to Superior, Nebraska with a friend. The two vampires take possession of an old cabin near Cross Creek and claim to be fixing it up.

At some point, the two meet Rose McKinley's brother J.J. who suspects that the two are really using the cabin to drink and meet girls. J.J. introduces his sister and her friend Crystal Thorrson to the vampires. Apparently intending to have sex with Reggie and his friend, Rose and Crystal leave to meet them and the two vampires drain Rose and kidnap Crystal.

Rose's murder draws the attention of a hunter named Rudy who calls in fellow hunter Dean Winchester. After learning of Crystal's disappearance, Dean learns from J.J. of Reggie and his friend and their cabin. Arriving at the cabin, Dean quickly kills Reggie's friend when he comes outside and enters to find that Rudy has beaten him to the cabin and is being held hostage by Reggie who demands that Dean disarm himself. Under the influence of the Mark of Cain, Dean calls the clearly nervous Reggie's bluff and tells Rudy to walk away.

As Reggie presses the tip of his knife against Rudy's chest, Dean fake lunges at Reggie, startling him and causing Reggie to drive his knife into Rudy's chest, killing the hunter. Dean quickly decapitates Reggie and frees Crystal who is left stunned as Dean could've tried to talk Reggie down.

Arriving later that night, Sam is informed of the events by the local sheriff who shows him Reggie and Rudy's bodies.


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