This unnamed vampire was the friend of Reggie.


Reggie and his friend came to Superior, Nebraska at some point and took over an old cabin that they claimed that they were going to renovate. At some point they met Rose McKinley's brother J.J. who suspected that their true intentions were to drink and meet girls. Rose's brother introduced the two to his sister and Crystal Thorrson.

Eventually, Rose and Crystal left to meet Reggie and his friend, presumably for sex. The two vampires drained Rose and left her corpse in a ditch at the side of the road while kidnapping Crystal.

Rose's murder drew the attention of the hunter Rudy who called in fellow hunter Dean Winchester. After learning of Reggie and his friend from Rose's brother, Dean traveled to the cabin where he spotted Reggie's friend emerging to wash his hands. The vampire sensed Dean coming at the last moment, but reacted too late to stop the hunter from decapitating him.


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