Borax Dick

Dick Roman quickly regenerates after being doused in Borax.

Regeneration, also called Healing Factor, Accelerated Healing or Accelerated Regeneration, is the ability to quickly and completely heal wounds and injuries within a short length of time beyond that of a normal healthy person. This ability does not however make its holder necessarily immortal or invulnerable, just more difficult to kill than normal beings.

Characters with this ability

  • The Darkness - Upon being wounded by a massive angelic smite, she regenerated by absorbing an angel's grace. Upon wounding God fatally, she regenerated instantly from many extensive wounds of her own, this time without any external help.
  • Archangels - Archangels are primordial beings that possesses healing factors similar to, if not beyond the likes of regular Angels or Seraphims.
  • Celestial Beings - When and if they can somehow receive damage, they will instantly heal the injury. If they are weak and the damage is severe, it may take much longer though their presence will keep their vessel alive.
    • Castiel - Castiel generally heals quickly as an angel, healing instantly from most of the injuries he has as long as they aren't severe. However, when Rachel injures him with an angel blade, Castiel is left weakened and takes some time to heal, needing to channel energy from Bobby Singer's soul just to bring Sam and Dean back from the past. It also took him some time to heal from a bullet made from an angel blade, a wound that was exacerbated by Crowley digging around in it.
    • Gadreel - Was so weakened by the Fall that he took months to heal, but while possessing Sam Winchester, was able to slowly heal both as long as he wasn't forced to use his powers. Once he regained his full strength, he was able to heal much faster but couldn't heal a wound from the First Blade.
  • Demons - Some demons seem to possess this ability though when they leave their vessel, the injuries tend to return.
    • Cain - As the first Knight of Hell, his healing factor is beyond the likes of a high-ranking demon. He can instantly heal from damages caused by the Demon Killing Knife. However, his limb regeneration was not seen completely, as he was killed before the regeneration process was complete, though he did manage to regenerate most of it.
    • Meg - Meg was shown to heal injuries from a fall and gunshot wounds but they returned when she left her vessel.
    • Ruby - Ruby healed a gunshot wound, cuts to give her blood to Sam and kept her vessel from decaying.
    • Crowley - Crowley was able to heal the various injuries he got over the series including gunshot wounds and damage from White Light. However, unlike other demons, the injuries did not seem to reappear when he left his vessel.
    • Dean Winchester (formerly) - After being transformed into a Knight of Hell, the wound that killed Dean healed as did any other injury he received near-instantly.
  • Eve
  • Leviathans - Able to heal virtually any injury.
    • Dick Roman - Able to heal any injury even faster than the lesser Leviathan.
  • Phoenix - Can regenerate any non-fatal wound.
  • Prometheus - Following his resurrections any wounds would instantly heal.
  • Shapeshifter - Able to heal any wound non-lethal to them.
  • Skinwalker - Able to heal from a bullet wound, and being hit by a car.
  • Vampires - Also able to heal any non-lethal wounds that don't include amutation. Process accelerated by drinking blood.
  • Witches - Extremely powerful witches can access this ability via Magic.
  • Werewolves - Able to heal anything non-lethal to them. Purebloods can even heal their original bites. One werewolf was able to heal fatal injuries from a car accident she received while human.
  • Zombies - Actual and Croaton Zombies can regenerate wounds.
    • Angela Mason - Has very potent healing abilities and will always regenerate, as long as the weapon used to wound her was not silver. 
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