Reese was a child under the care of the Zanna Sully, after Sam Winchester had left him.


Reese and her twin sister Audrey befriended Sully, whom they considered their best friend. However, one day, Audrey ran out into the road while the three of them were playing tag and was hit by a car, killing her. The incident traumatized both Sully and Reese.

Reese had to see ten different psychiatrists, none of which gave any credence to her story about an invisible man involved in her sister's death. Reese later blamed all Zanna for her sister's demise, and swore vengeance in the name of her sister. She became obsessed with folklore, and after studying abroad in Romania, she learned about Zanna. She also met with a Romanian witch and learned a spell that allowed her to see Zanna, and was given a knife.

Season 11Edit

Reese started to track and kill Sully's fellow Zanna and friends in the hope that her act would draw him out. She successfully killed Sparkle and Nicky, but failed to kill Weems as his fat had stopped the knife. Dean Winchester soon tracked her from the description of her vehicle, a Volkswagen Beetle, but she was able to surprise Dean and took him captive. After luring Sam and Sully to the warehouse with a text from Dean's phone, she revealed that she was very broken after her sister's death and wanted to avenge her sister's death by saving other kids from the Zanna monsters, as well as watch Sully suffer at the loss of his friends. After Sam, Sully, and Dean talked her down, she had a change of heart, and abandoned her obsession. Sully promised the Winchesters to keep an eye on Reese who embraced Sully after forgiving him and even departed with a friendly wave to him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Spellcasting - Reese was taught by a Romanian witch a spell that could render all Zanna in her vicinity visible to her.
  • Weaponry - She was able to kill a number of Zanna with the Zanna-killing knife.



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