Well, Sam and Dean have run up against these suckers a couple, three times. Picked up a few tricks – enough to slow them down a hair, at least.
Bobby Singer
in Death's Door

Reaper traps were sigil traps used much in the same way as Devil's trap are for demons, or angel traps for angels, in that they were used to immobilize reapers. Once a reaper was caught in one they were rendered powerless and completely vulnerable. The traps seemed to be Enochian in origin.

Alastair's reaper trap


Alastair's reaper trap

Sam and Dean Winchester encountered a reaper trap during a case in Greybull, Wyoming where people had stopped dying. Sam and Dean decided to astral project in order to speak with the last person to die, Cole Griffith. While doing so they learned that the town's reaper had been abducted by demon smoke, and soon witnessed the same thing happen to Tessa after she arrived. They arrived at the town's funeral home to find Tessa and the other reaper lying in a reaper trap, so Sam and Dean fought the demons standing guard. The demons were quickly trapped behind an iron chain, but Alastair arrived to explain that he was breaking one of the 66 Seals - specifically a seal that would be broken if two reapers were killed under a solstice moon. He was successful in killing the town's original reaper, but was stopped when Sam and Dean used telekinesis to bring down a chandelier and broke the trap, allowing Tessa to escape along with the Winchesters.[1]


A reconstruction of the Alastair's reaper trap

The reaper trap used by Alastair was an octagonal shape, with an enochian rune on each side.[1]

Bobby's reaper trap


Bobby's reaper trap

Another type of reaper trap was used by Bobby Singer when he was in a coma, within his subconscious as he was being pursued by a reaper. Having remembered Sam and Dean's previous encounters with reapers, Bobby cooked up a plan to slow his reaper down long enough for him to find an exit out of his coma. Bobby and his subconscious form of Rufus Turner went about collecting materials to summon the reaper, which included: a crucifix, gold ore, hemlock, mace, and blood, among other unknown ingredients. After painting the trap on the floor, the ingredients were mixed and a flame was set as Bobby recited in Latin:

O theris tes, caleo se cai deo.

They summoned the reaper and effectively trapped him within Bobby's subconscious, however it was only temporary as a bullet was slowly killing Bobby's brain cells, and would also destroy the trap when Bobby's office disappeared, freeing the reaper to continue his pursuit of Bobby.[2]

Dean's reaper trap

Dean used a modified version of a reaper trap which he engraved in a pair of cuffs to hold Tessa to question her, and stop her from blowing herself up. The reaper trap used by Dean in this occasion was pentagram-shaped.[3]


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