This unnamed Reaper appeared in the episode Faith.

Season 1 Edit

When Roy Le Grange fell ill, his wife turned to the dark arts to find a way to help him. She discovered a book containing a spell to trap a Reaper and used its power.

From then on, Sue secretly used the Reaper to heal other people, under the guise of her husband being a healer himself. In exchange, another life must die for every life saved.

When Sam Winchester brought Dean to Roy, Dean caught a glimpse of the reaper, leading the brothers to suspect that something was up.

Sam eventually managed to find Sue's altar and destroy it. He also smashed Sue's amulet in order to save Dean. The Reaper, now free from his bindings, turned on Sue and killed her.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Invisibility - The Reaper is naturally invisible to the living, but humans near death can perceive him, and he can choose at will to become visible, however.
    The Reaper attacking Dean

    The reaper attacking Dean.

  • Healing/Life Energy Transferring - The Reaper can drain humans of their life force and transfer it into others afflicted to heal the individuals.
  • Teleportation - The Reaper can teleport anywhere on Earth instantaneously.

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