This unnamed reaper along with Tessa were captured by Alastair and were placed in a Reaper trap so Alastair could kill them in order to break on of the 66 Seals to free Lucifer.

History Edit

Alastair captures Tessa and this reaper in order to break the 66 Seals and free Lucifer. Sam and Dean Winchester attempt to free Tessa and this reaper however Alastair traps them and tells them that it takes the death of two reapers to break one of the seals. Alastair preforms a chant and kills the reaper with Death's Scythe. However, Sam and Dean manage to save Tessa, thus the seal is not broken.

The reaper would later be avenged when Sam kills Alastair.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

This reaper had all the traditional powers of one.



Trivia Edit

  • IMDb lists the reaper's name as "Jacob".
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