Jesse Turner,after turning Castiel into a toy figure.

Reality Warping is the power to make things and beings appear differently than how they are, by literally changing reality, or even constructing a new aspect.

It can be extremely powerful if used properly.

It can also be accomplished by certain objects, like the Tiamat Coin or Rabbit's Foot.

Characters and Objects with this ability


  • Jesse Turner - A mix of demon and human, Jesse is made extremely powerful with Lucifer's presence on Earth; he was able to produce anything through thought/iteration.

STATUS of power: Currently a bit of an amateur due to his young age and lack of practice, he even was unaware he had abilities.

  • Ghosts (some, to a limited extent)
  • Howard (through fear-based magic)


By a comment made by Sam in Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie (store), clearly, Angels have some reality warping power.

  • Zachariah - Just by pointing his hand like a gun, and a "bang", he broke Sam's legs.
  • Castiel, Far through season 7, specifically in Reading is Fundamental, Cas, while burdened with Sam's cage recollection, shook a 'Sorry' board game, and instantly the everything was set up.


Archangels, particularly Lucifer and Gabriel, can literally create anything out of thin air (and uncreate it just as fast) create time loops, dimensions, and illusions.

  • Lucifer - Apparently, Lucifer taught Gabriel everything he knows about this, which says something about his capability. He recognized what Gabriel was doing, and apprehended him.
  • Gabriel - Gabriel was phenomenal with this power, being able to do things in winks, snaps, gestures and even thoughts.

STATUS of power: Presumably taught individually by Lucifer, Gabriel is Reality Altering-oriented to an extreme.


  • Tricksters (Said by Bobby Singer and Sam)
  • Mercury (possibly a Trickster)


All of which were only able to through a deal, of the lot Azazel, is the strogest as he doesn't require a soul in payment from a deal.


  • Tiamat Coin - Initially requiring a bearer, this coin could fabricate wishes into reality; in that it makes any iterated/thought wish come true.
  • Rabbit's Foot - Makes the wearer relatively lucky (until they inevitably lose it).
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