Amara turns Metatron into nothingness.

Reality Warping is the power to change the properties or appearance of things, beings and even physical or spiritual laws by literally changing reality itself, or even constructing a new aspect of reality. It can be extremely powerful if used properly.

It can also be accomplished by certain objects, like the Tiamat Coin or Rabbit's Foot.

Many powers can be seen as a form of Reality Warping:

  • Conversion - Changing the properties of a being and thus transforming it into something different.
  • Conjuration - Create something (alive or not) out of nowhere.
  • Healing - Heal the injuries of a person (supernatural or not).
  • Resurrection - Make a soul leave their dead place and go back in the living world.
  • Telekinesis - Changing the location of a target.
  • Portal Creation - Creating a portal to another plane of existence or reality.
  • Power Granting and Power Negation - Changing the abilities (and thus also properties) of a being.
  • Biokinesis - Manipulate the properties of living things (bacteria, cells, organism).
  • Thermokinesis - Changing the energy of each particle of a target.
  • Electrokinesis - Changing the voltage difference between two points and thus generating electricity.

Characters and objects with this abilityEdit

Primordial Entities Edit

  • The Darkness - She is able to completely annihilate everything she wants, including the universe, the spiritual realms and all life in existence. Prior to the creation of the universe, she destroyed multiple worlds God created. She once turned Metatron into nothing.
  • God - He can not only warp reality to a nearly unlimited extent, but also create new realities. Prior to the creation of the universe he created multiple worlds.

Horsemen Edit

  • Death - Death effortlessly created an eclipse and built a wall in Sam's head to make the memories from Lucifer's Cage inaccessible to him.
  • Famine - Famine made people rabid for what they craved most and was able to keep souls trapped in their bodies until they could be harvested for him.
  • Pestilence - Pestilence could create diseases out of thin air and infect people with them.
  • War - War polluted a river with his arrival in a small town.

Angelic Beings Edit

  • Archangels - As shown with Gabriel, archangels are capable of warping reality to unimaginable degrees. They can create time loops and spontaneously create or uncreate pretty much anything.
    • Gabriel - Gabriel was phenomenally talented with this power, being able to do things in winks, snaps, gestures and even thoughts. Once, he even put Sam and Dean in a TV universe.
    • Lucifer - Lucifer apparently taught Gabriel everything he knows about this power and therefore outdo everything Gabriel ever did. He was also able to turn on music from out of nowhere in Limbo with a snap of his fingers.
    • Michael - Michael was able to make his footsteps sound heavier and emit an angelic high pitched ringing while in a vessel to intimidate the Winchesters and Castiel.
  • Seraphim
    • Castiel - Castiel was able to shake a 'Sorry' board game and, instantly, everything was set up. Later on, he was able to send his blood into a glass by holding it.
  • Angels - Sam makes a comment in Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie that regular angels apparently can warp reality, but to an unknown degree.
    • Castiel - Even after being cut off from Heaven, Castiel was able to carve Enochian sigils into Sam and Dean's ribs just by touching them. 
  • Nephilim
    • Jack - Under the influence of a disguised Asmodeus, Jack was able to open a Hell Gate to release the Shedim. However, this required Jack's full concentration and when his concentration broke, the Hell Gate closed.


Deities have ranging power over warping reality.

  • Mercury - He could influence materials and objects around him, being able to reshape and restore a building.
  • Moloch - In exchange for a sacrifice of blood, Moloch was able to make the Bishop Family rich.
  • Tiamat - With his chaotic power, babylonian priests were able to channel Tiamat's power into a ursed reallity warping coin
  • Tricksters - They are a type of mischievous beings or demi-deities with the ability to warp reality and make real-looking objects and people out of thin air.
    • Anansi - She can change her lwn appearance between a giant spider, a humanoid form and any other she wants.
    • Huehuecoyotl - He manipulated a small flame and changed it into a flower, the flower then became a fat horned lizard.
    • Loki - He possessed a powerful form of reality warping which he used in his original role as The Trickster. Loki was able to transform a crappy motel room into a five-star suite at will for his own uses.

Demonic Beings Edit

Any demon requires at least a deal to bend the laws of the universe. Azazel is one of the strongest because he doesn't require a soul in payment from a deal, and Lilith claims she can do this but never demonstrated it.

Humans Edit

Objects and Sigils Edit

  • Rabbit's Foot - Makes the wearer extremely lucky (until they inevitably lose it).
  • Tiamat Coin - Initially requiring a bearer, this coin could fabricate wishes into reality; in that it makes any iterated/thought wish come true but with an unexpected adverse effect.
  • Tulpa - thought form projections could alter reality, the extent of which is limited only by the creativity of the thinker.
  • Twigs and Twine Cloning Spell - Turns a twigs doll into a perfect copy of another human being.

Other Edit

  • Fairies - Some powerful fairies can alter reality.
  • Ghosts (some, to a limited extent).
  • Mythmaker - a person who is blessed with very strong intent. By such a level of intent, they are even capable of bringing art to life. Eventually, the mythmakers turn myth into reality. Mythmakers, trained or not, were born with very high level Reality Warping powers. A mythmaker is a natural-born talent, and cannot be obtained through means of magic.
  • Soul Eaters - Soul Eaters possessed unique and somewhat very large powers to create their own dimension called "The Nest". Naturally, Soul Eaters inhabit a plane between the human world and another, a sort of inter mundi that exists outside of time and space, and by tapping a large amount of their powers (according to Sam), they created it when hunting their prey. The Nest takes on the appearance of the home it is in, albeit much darker and twisted to mess with their victim's emotions and make them vulnerable and tamed.
  • Cosmic Entity - When resurrecting Castiel, the entity was able to restore Jimmy Novak's body to act as Castiel's vessel despite Jimmy's body being burned and destroyed in a Hunter's Funeral.

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