Rapid Aging is the attribute that allows an individual to age rapidly.


Species that age tend to have a fixed number of time that it takes to reach the next life stage. This natural growth process can be disturbed either by consuming a certain ingredient or by possessing the genetics of a species with a different aging speed.

Beings and Spells with this AbilityEdit

  • The Darkness - Through the consumption of souls, The Darkness was able to speed up the aging process of her vessel, growing from a newborn baby to an adult within mere months.
  • Jack - The Nephilim Jack grew into a young adult shortly after birth, due to his mother telling him the world is dangerous for a child.
  • Amazons - Amazons are able to age rapidly from a baby to a teenager in a remarkably short period of time. Their pregnancy process is also extremely quickly, with the birth occuring about a day after conception.
  • Aging Spell - A spell that makes the target age until they die while passing their life force to the spell's caster.
  • Lily Sunder - When stopped using enochian magic for sustain her immortality, she unwilling started to age at an abnormal rate.
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