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Raphael De La Paz is a Customs and Border Protection officer that appears in Supernatural: Coyote's Kiss.


Raphael De La Paz is a Customs and Border Protection officer that by 2011 had worked for the CBP for twenty years. While a young man who thought he knew everything about everything, Raphael had a run in of some kind with John Winchester who set him straight about what's really out there. As a result of meeting John, Raphael knew enough about him to know of his two sons Sam and Dean. Over time, Raphael would learn to be able to tell what kind of person someone was and if they were lying to him by looking into their eyes. Eventually, after seventeen years in the field, Raphael was hit by a Zeta bullet which left him with a limp and desk duty as the head of archives at the CBP's Nogales, Arizona station.

In 2011, Dean came to the Nogales station looking for clues on an incident in April 1995 that might've drawn the wrath of a monster upon CBP agent Davis Keene who was brutally murdered. While Dean attempted to sweet talk the desk officer, Ariana Cruz in archives into letting him seeing the station's records, the officer told him he'd have to speak to her boss who was Raphael. Sending the officer away, Raphael called Dean into his office and was able to recognize him as likely being John Winchester's son Dean. Recognizing Raphael as an ally, Dean informs him of their investigation into Davis' death and his hope that there is something in the station's files that could help them figure out why a monster targeted Davis.

As the two men talk, Raphael gets a call from his wife about another attack on CBP officers, including Charlie Himes who was once partners with Davis before the latter put in for a transfer to San Diego. Checking the transfer request, Raphael finds it dated April 18, 1995, around the time Dean suspects the incident to have taken place. Convinced, Raphael leads Dean to the station's records room to check for clues. Raphael is able to find a report for April 18, 1995 where Davis, Charlie, José Porcayo and Gilberto Brewer apprehended a group of migrants trying to cross the border among which was an abandoned nine month old baby girl whose mother was never found. Raphael then finds a report stating that a 16 year old migrant named Anibal Obregon Hernandez had asked to file a complaint against the officers as they had raped and murdered a woman from his group. The report then states that Anibal changed his story to the officers placing a magic spell on the woman that turned her into a coyote.

Dean suggests that the story is a scared kid trying to make sense out of something strange he saw, but they find from the file that Anibal committed suicide before he could be deported and the complaint was never filed. Raphael tells Dean that the officers are good men that he can't see doing what Anibal claimed they did but gives Dean the information on what happened to the two surviving officers anyway before wishing him luck.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Raphael looked like a man in his late fifties with thick, perfectly groomed white hair and incongruous and a deeply lined face which had the color and texture of saddle leather.


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