Randa Moreno was originally a shy, quiet girl from Georgia with a heart condition.


Early lifeEdit

Randa got a heart transplant, from celebrity athlete Brick Holmes. Unknown to everyone, Brick was really a Mayan, who had made a deal with the Mayan deity Cacao a thousand years ago, granting him two sacrifices every year, in exchange for immortality and enhanced physical attributes.

With the heart, the spell passed onto Randa, giving her immortality, enhanced physical attributes, and some of Brick's memories. However, it also greatly changed her personally, making her confident, but evil and sadistic, longing for immortality, she agreed to continue the sacrifices (as did most of the other people who got a transplant) and got a job as a stripper.

Season 8Edit


Since she had the heart, she was the core of the deal. Investigating the murders, Sam and Dean learned from Brick's love, Betsy, the truth, and found out that if Randa died, then it would break the deal and end all this. At the strip club they confronted her, but were ambushed by Paul Hayes and Jimmy Tong. Randa proceeded to try and rip Dean's heart out. However Sam recovered and distracted Paul, and now with his hand free, Dean drew a knife, and stabbed Randa in the heart, thus killing her, and ending the ancient deal.[1]



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