Ramsey was one of the original hellhounds created by God. She was saved by Lucifer when she was pregnant, thus being the mother of all the hellhounds that exist currently.



Ramsey was one of the first hellhounds created by God. However, God found them too vicious and decided to destroy them all. Lucifer managed to rescue Ramsey, who was pregnant at the time, and from her, the hellhound species continued.

Season 12Edit

In Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, Ramsey is released as a distraction by two demons and attacks a young couple, killing the boy, Marcus. The girl, Gwen, hits Ramsey with an axe and escapes. Enraged, Ramsey chases Gwen to get revenge, but is driven off when Dean Winchester shoots her twice. Following the attack, the Winchesters, wearing the Hellhound Glasses, hunt Ramsey with the help of Crowley. Ramsey attacks the Impala, breaking the windshield and denting the roof before Sam emerges to fight her with an angel blade. Ramsey knocks Sam to the ground and nearly kills him before Gwen hits her with a cooler, causing Ramsey to let Sam go. Sam loses the glasses in the fight with Ramsey, but her movements kick up dust, allowing him to track her. When Ramsey leaps at Sam, he is able to anticipate her move despite her being invisible to him and stab Ramsey with his angel blade, killing her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Invisibility - Like all hellhounds, Ramsey was invisible, forcing Sam and Dean to rely on Hellhound Glasses in order to see her.
  • Super Strength - She was able to easily rip apart a human.
  • Invulnerability - Ramsey could not be killed by conventional means or weapons. However, weapons like Ruby's Knife, or an Angel blade, can kill her.
  • Immortality - Ramsey was one of the first Hellhounds created by God, and lived thousands of years before she was killed.



Killed ByEdit

After being released by two demons to create a distraction so they could free Lucifer, Ramsey went after Gwen Hernandez for revenge after Gwen hit the hellhound with an axe. While chasing Gwen, Ramsey came up against Sam who was armed with Hellhound Glasses and an angel blade. Though Sam lost the glasses, rendering Ramsey invisible to him, he was able to track her movements through the dust she kicked up. As Ramsey leapt at Sam, he anticipated the move and stabbed Ramsey in the chest with his angel blade, killing her.



  • Ramsey is the second female hellhound, and the second named hellhound to appear on the series, after Juliet.
  • Ramsey is the second hellhound killed by Sam, the first being Crowley's hellhound.
  • As Ramsey is the mother of the current hellhound species, in a way, she is the Alpha Hellhound.
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