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Ramiel was an angel that guarded the Stone of Hyginus, a set of demonic-relics that were capable of weaponizing souls, including demonic essence.


In 381, when the Stone of Hyginus was created by Hyginus, Heaven somehow became aware about the power of the relics and its potential for mass destruction weapon. Hyginus had imbued the stone with potent demonic magic that concealed weaponized, ready-to-armed, very powerful demonic essence inside. Heaven later sent Ramiel to secure the stone, although he was unable to retrieve the fourth and last part of the stone, while securing theother three. Afterwards, he later sealed the stones and sent it to a church at Cordoba, Spain for safekeeping and installed a barrier so demons could not track it.

Supernatural: Heart of the DragonEdit

At some point, Zachariah, somehow learned about the existence of both The Heart of the Dragon and the fourth and last part of the Stone of Hyginus's presence in San Francisco. Knowing that it would be used by demons to turn the tides in the ongoing Apocalypse, he sent a group of angels consisting of Ramiel, Uzziel, Jophiel, Selaphiel, and other unnamed angels to attend an interfaith conference that was held in San Francisco. Zachariah also learned of a demon plot to massacre the religious figures at the conference, that potentially sparked an intense conflict between the religions.

In order to get in the conference, Ramiel possessed Tyler Magowan, a very deeply religious preacher. Coincidentally, Tyler also planned to attend the conference prior to the possession. In the conference, the team scattered. Ramiel teamed up with Uzziel.

In the conference, Ramiel spotted a religious figurine that wore a brooch that embedded with the last part of the Stone of Hyginus. Realizing it, Ramiel later captures the religious figurine and told the attendants that she wore the Stone of Hyginus. The attendants were shocked and confused by Ramiel's actions.

Suddenly, a team of demons rampaged, harming the religious figures and angels. A clash ensued between demons and angels. Amid the chaos, it was later revealed that the religious figurine had in fact been possessed by a demon. The demon was quite powerful and able to injure Ramiel physically. The demon later unexpectedly pulled out an angelus iuguolo and stabbed Ramiel with it, fatally burning the angel, as well as his vessel. With his remaining strength, Ramiel was able to smite the demon seconds before his demise. With his last breath, Ramiel told Uzziel to destroy the angelus iuguolo and the Stone of Hyginus before the demons claimed it.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Ramiel was a low-ranking angel.

  • Angelic Possession - In order to walk on earth, Ramiel need a vessel. Like Castiel somewhat, he also had a preference to a deeply religious person as his vessel.
  • Spell Casting - Ramiel was also able to cast a potent sealing and warding spell in order to keep the remaining fragments of the Stone of Hyginus out of demon clutches.
    • Exorcism - Ramiel was able to perform an exorcism to rid a demon from Hyginus.
  • Smiting - Ramiel was able to smite a demon.


He possessed common angelic weaknesses.



  • Ramiel shares some traits with Castiel at first, as he was very dutiful about his mission and loyal to Heaven. He also shared similar preferences of vessel, being that of a deeply religious person.
  • He should not be confused with the demon and Prince of Hell Ramiel.
  • He is the only angel to exorcise a demon, which is very rare as Hunter's exorcise demons and one demon nearly exorcised Castiel from his vessel.
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