Ramiel's house 1

The Prince of Hell Ramiel owned a house by a lake.


At an unknown point in time, Ramiel obtained this house and used it to store many personal belongings. Judging by a photograph and a fish mounted on the wall, Ramiel used the nearby lake for fishing. As his whereabouts were unknown to many, this house's location was a secret very few knew about.

In 2009, Crowley and an unnamed demon paid Ramiel a visit, asking him to take up the throne of Hell. Crowley gave the Lance of Michael and The Colt as coronation gifts, and though Ramiel accepted these gifts with delight, Ramiel declined the throne and gave the position to Crowley instead. In exchange, Crowley was to keep others from disturbing Ramiel's peace and Crowley promised he would.

In 2017, the British Men of Letters discovered that this house was the home of a powerful demon and the location of The Colt. They sent hunter Mary Winchester to retrieve it, and Mary recruited her sons Sam and Dean, the angel Castiel and fellow hunter Wally on the mission, pretending she only needed to kill the demon residing here.

The team arrived and found the house empty. Mary searched the place and found The Colt. Soon after, Ramiel returned home and attacked the team. He mortally wounded Castiel using the lance but before he could kill the angel, Mary knocked him over with her car.

Photograph of Ramiel and a fish 1

A photograph of Ramiel.

As per Crowley's promise, Crowley sent two demons to the house to attack the team for disturbing Ramiel's peace. Wally was killed while Sam and Dean managed to kill the demons in return. The remaining four members then made a run for it while Ramiel gave chase, intent on reclaiming The Colt.

He was killed by Sam using the lance. Ramiel's death left the house vacant.


The house was relatively small and was built apart from other houses, standing alone and near a lake. It was surrounded by trees and a white picket fence. Near the entrance were bushes and plants Ramiel took care of. The inside had a fireplace, a couple of photographs, a painting of the Archangel Michael and a safe, in which The Colt was kept.



  • This is the only known place of residence owned by a Prince of Hell.
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