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The Raid on Crowley's Lair was a raid conducted by hunters Sam and Dean Winchester on Crowley's Lair in an attempt to kill the Darkness.



Following the release of the Darkness,[1] Crowley was able to get her to come with him in the form of a young girl named Amara.[2] Crowley then set out to educate Amara about the world and to feed her demon and human souls, hoping to harness Amara's power for himself.[3] However, Crowley began to limit the amount of souls Amara was fed so she traveled into nearby Fall River, Massachusetts and consumed the souls of Sydney, Len Fletcher and Goldie Schmidtlapp, drawing the attention of the Winchesters. To avoid drawing attention from angels or hunters, Crowley sends Marco to kill Amara's "empties." However, the Winchesters capture Marco before he can kill Goldie and learn of Crowley having Amara. Using Marco's cell phone, the Winchesters manage to track down Crowley's Lair and decide to launch an attack to kill Amara.[4][5]


The Winchesters arrive at Crowley's Lair to find no guards outside, but warding sigils and a padlock outside, confirming that its the right place. Dean picks the lock on the door and they enter, sneaking their way through the nearly-abandoned lair until they find Jervis guarding Amara's room. To stop Jervis without killing him, Dean plays an old voicemail from Crowley that draws Jervis towards him. As Jervis advances on Dean, Sam tackles Jervis from the side, knocks him out and restrains him with a pair of Supernatural Handcuffs. Hearing more demons approaching, Sam tosses Dean Jervis' keys and tells him to take out Amara while he takes care of the demons.

Sam faces off with two demons armed with an angel blade, but puts it away in favor of binding the demons with Supernatural Handcuffs instead. Sam fights the two demons, but one ultimately overpowers him and strangles Sam against the wall. Unable to break free of the demon's grip and with the other demon recovering, Sam kills the demon with his angel blade and overpowers the second demon. After a moment of indecision, Sam puts away his angel blade and binds the demon with the handcuffs instead. Sam then returns to Amara's room and tries to break in before being hit with a vision of Lucifer's Cage.

While Sam fights the demons, Dean enters Amara's room armed with the demon-killing knife and finds Amara expecting his presence. Dean apologizes for what he is about to do, but is stopped by Crowley who pins Dean to a pillar with telekinesis and takes the knife. Crowley tells Dean that he is attempting to help Amara reach her full potential and muses on how he had previously been unable to bring himself to kill Dean. Telling him that he can now kill Dean, Crowley goes to do so, only to have Amara attack him. After breaking Crowley's wrist, Amara pins Crowley to the wall with telekinesis and begins inflicting extreme pain on Crowley. When Dean tries to intervene, Amara puts him in her own telekinetic hold against the pillar and tells Crowley that she no longer needs him and will be leaving. As Sam tries to break into the room, Amara tells Crowley she will let him live when she leaves if he agrees to give Dean safe passage out. As Amara continues inflicting intense pain upon him, Crowley agrees and Amara releases him. Crowley then teleports away.

With Crowley gone, Amara turns to Dean and contemplates on why they always help each other. Amara tells Dean that he was the first thing she saw when she was released and he is the first example she had of God's creation. While Amara admits that it was good to see Dean again, she tells him that she will now go out to explore the wider world and become strong enough to do what she'd come back to do. When Dean questions what that is, Amara tells him that its the oldest score. Dean raises the demon-killing knife to Amara, but is unable to bring himself to use it on her, proving her point about them being connected. As Amara turns to leave, Sam bursts into the room and Amara flings him back into the hallway telekinetically. Broken out of his indecision by the attack on Sam, Dean charges Amara with the knife before she flings him into a wall. Amara then departs Crowley's lair and as promised, Crowley allows the Winchesters to leave unharmed.[5]


Following the failed raid, the Winchesters learn from Castiel that the Darkness is in fact God's older sister.[5] Within a relatively short time following the battle, the Darkness is able to assume her adult form and begin working on getting her revenge on God.[6]

Despite the problems Crowley and the Winchesters have during the raid, they soon after put aside their differences to attempt to stop the Darkness by seeking out Lucifer for information.[6]


  • The Winchesters encounter very little demon resistance because Amara has left Crowley's Lair short-staffed by the number of demons she has consumed. Jervis comments on this to Crowley earlier in Our Little World.