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Ragnar Bartch, also known as Butcher Bartch and the Cleaver Cannibal, was an insane serial killer appearing in Supernatural: Night Terror.


Ragnar Bartch was a cannibalistic serial killer with at least seventeen victims. He became known as Butcher Bartch or the Cleaver Cannibal because he would kill his victims with a meat cleaver and then consume their bodies. Bartch was eventually captured, confessed to being a cannibal and was sent to the Supermax wing of the Falls Federal Prison in Clayton Falls, Colorado.

In 2011, Clayton Falls was besieged by a night hag. Due to Warden Alden Webb's fears of a prisoner escape, the night hag conjured a manifestation of Bartch at the home of resident Jyleen Livengood. Jyleen saw Bartch in front of her house holding a meat cleaver, but Bartch had disappeared by the time the police and hunters Sam and Dean Winchester arrived. As the Winchesters searched the backyard, Sam found the manifestation of Bartch on top of the tool shed. As Sam fired at the manifestation, it disappeared as a police officer had woken up Webb in order to have him check that the real Bartch was indeed in his cell.

On the third night of her rampage, the night hag acted on Webb's fears by causing the walls of the Supermax wing to crumble, at the same time conjuring a meat cleaver for Bartch to use in his cell. Believing that it was his destiny to kill, Bartch led the escape of the Supermax prisoners, killing two guards with his cleaver on the way out of Supermax. Exhilarated, Bartch attacked everyone that came within reach with his cleaver, be they inmate or guard. Bartch went so far as to decapitate a German Sheppard sent against him by the guards. Bartch was able to escape through the gaps in the prison fences, excited to be free to kill again.

Shortly after the night hag was killed by Sam, Chief Michael Quinn made his way down Bell Street, having learned of the prison break but unable to contact Webb. Somewhat freaked out by the reports he was getting, Quinn was shocked to spot Bartch running down the street towards him and took him to be another manifestation of the night hag like he had been hearing about. Bartch ran towards Quinn, yelling that he was invincible and that it was his destiny to kill. Having had enough of the reports he'd been receiving all night, Quinn shot Bartch through the head, killing him. To Quinn's surprise, neither Bartch nor his cleaver disappeared afterwards.

The next morning Officer Richard Jeffries told the Winchesters about the results of the prison break. Of the prisoners that tried to make a break, only Bartch got out of the compound while five others were killed and seven more rounded up. Jeffries added that Chief Quinn had taken care of Bartch, relieving everyone that Bartch was not on the loose again to kill.