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Radio Shed Clerk: But you will spare us though, Right? I have served you for weeks, I will be okay, Right?
God: You will be fine. Everything is just fine.

Radio Shed Clerk and God

Radio Shed Clerk was one of the inhabitants of Earth 2.


He worked as a clerk at Radio Shed where he is seen trying to flirt with a female customer who rebuffed his advances. Soon God arrived and the clerk was confused by the latter ranting before being shocked by him displaying the Multiverse.

God kept the Radio Shed Clerk alive to serve him while he destroys the Multiverse.

After some time, the clerk asked God if he was done and God says that it will take time for the universes to be destroyed. The Clerk asked God if he will spare his universe, since he served him and God assured him that he will be fine. However, a soon as God leaves the building meteors start falling. The Clerk died with the rest of the inhabitants of Earth 2 when God smashed it with meteors.


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