Please. You go and crawl your way out of God's ass for another ride on the merry-go-round? The old man's gonna want to see this for himself.
— Quentin to Benny.
in Blood Brother

Quentin was a vampire and member of the vampirate operation.


Fifty years ago, Quentin participated in Benny's murder. He specifically held down Benny's legs as Sorento chopped off Benny's head.

After Benny escapes from Purgatory, he decides to enact revenge on his former allies. He hunts Quentin down and finds him at Eagle Harbor, Washington. Quentin is horrified to see him, but refuses to tell Benny where his boss is. He calls in two more vampires to stand behind Benny, promising him to take Benny to The Old Man after they take off Benny's hands and feet.

Benny isn't afraid, assuring them that once he dies, they will all meet again in Purgatory. Quentin is infuriated by Benny's comment and charges at him. He is easily decapitated along with the other two.


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