This unnamed vampire was a resident of Purgatory and was hunted down by Dean Winchester.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about the life of this vampire. All that is known is that at some unknown point in his life this man became a vampire and then died. This vampire's soul went to Purgatory due to being a monster.

History Edit

After Dean Winchester and Castiel got trapped in Purgatory and got separated Dean started hunting down monsters who may have had information on where to find Castiel. This vampire was one of the monsters hunted down by Dean. This vampire was chased by Dean and cornered. Dean held him at knife point and asked him where Castiel was. The vampire said he didn't know. Dean then picked up the vampire's weapon and decapitated him with it. Dean was later attacked by another vampire but was later saved by Benny Lafitte. They then teamed up and escaped Purgatory together. Dean kept this vampire's Purgatory Blade after escaping Purgatory.


Dean killing the Purgatory Vampire

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