You think his friends just called him Yellow Eyes? He had a name.
This article is about a canonical individual whose real name is unknown, and is known only by a conjectural title, nickname or alias.

Well then, I guess it's time to you know, scream.
The Wraith to Missouri Moseley

This unnamed wraith targeted psychics.


At some point, this Wraith, just like J. Forman in Sam, Interrupted, fed on mental patients in an unnamed psychiatric hospital somewhere in America. He later encountered a crazed (look alike) psychic that somehow ended up in the hospital. When he fed on his brain, he felt the surge that increased his power. Since then, he has developed a taste for psychic brains, and hunts down more psychics for his own pleasure. 

Season 13Edit

Wraith True Form

The wraith's true form seen from the psychic Dede

The Wraith goes on a hunt for various psychics and manages to kill Dede, a friend and protégé of Missouri. While investigating the cause of Dede's death, Missouri realizes the Wraith will eventually go after her son and granddaughter. She sends Dean Winchester and Jody Mills to her granddaughter's location, despite Dean's protests.

The Wraith returns to Dede's shop with the intent on killing Missouri. Missouri had predicted the Wraith's arrival and, knowing she cannot escape, allows herself to be killed because it is the path that will lead to the Wraith's death.

The Wraith proceeds to kidnap Patience but his location is discovered by James. Dean and Jody follow James' lead and reach Patience. Patience is able to avoid getting killed while Dean himself is the one to avenge Missouri by killing the Wraith.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

This Wraith has the standard abilities of common wraiths. However, due to having fed on a large amount of psychic brains, he has developed some psychic-like abilities.

  • Spikes - Like all Wraiths, he has sharp retractable prongs on the back of each wrist. They use these to drain brain fluid, and as a weapon. The spikes are quite brittle, and if broken cause the wraith great pain.
  • Regeneration - Like all Wraiths, he can grow back his skewer(s) if they are broken off.
  • Super Strength - Like all Wraiths, he has physical strength stronger than humans. He was able to defend himself from Dean and Jody's attacks.
  • Martial Artist - He is skilled in both hand-to-hand and armed combat. Although, his skill cannot be compared to Dean, who was later able to overpower and kill him.
  • Empathy - He is able to sense emotions of his target.
  • Clairsentience - After feeding on an amount of psychic brains, he claimed to have sensed a surge that made him "more clearer in everything", technically increasing his senses.


  • Mirrors - Mirrors can reveal his true form.
  • Silver - Dean was able to kill him with a silver knife to the side.
  • Psychics - Dede was able to reveal his true form through clairsentience.


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