Proverbs 17:3 is the 5th episode of Season 15. It aired on November 14, 2019.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Dean's routine case turns out to be anything but.


In Black Forest, Colorado three girls are in a tent celebrating their graduation from college. Two of them have jobs and are leaving, one—Ashley —is staying. They hear a noise in the woods. One of them, Julie, goes to investigate and get more rum. She leaves and a scream is heard. They call to her, but get no reply. As the other girl gets up to check outside the tent, she is grabbed and taken by the monster.

At the Bunker, Sam is putting a sawed off shotgun in his duffel bag. He inspects his phone to see he has gotten no replies from Castiel. Dean soon returns from a supply run, and tells Sam about the ghost pepper jerky he just bought. Sam tries to warn him that ghost peppers are very hot, but Dean dismisses the comment and eats it anyway and soon has to beg Sam for water. Dean then asks about a case Sam is working on in Colorado, three dead from a mountain lion. Sam tells Dean, that the number is now five dead.

Dean walking up to Sam with the Colt, aiming it at the back of his head

Dean walking up to Sam with the Colt, aiming it at the back of his head.

In the Bunker's library. Sam sits seated in a white suit, Dean walks up to him with the Colt and apologizes before shooting him in the back of the head. Sam quickly sits back up as the wound heals and his eyes flash red as he is possessed by Lucifer. He asks Dean if he really thought it would work, before setting Dean on fire and killing him. Sam wakes from his nightmare in the Impala and tells Dean he had a bad dream. Surprised to hear he's another one, Dean asks Sam to tell him about it to keep him awake on their long drive. But Sam chooses not to.

They pull up to the Sheriff's office and go in as "Fish and Game" using old aliases, which Sam refers to as "deep cuts" due to how young they look in their photos, though Dean insists that he looks the same. They walk into the office and approach Sheriff Dignan, who needs a closer look at Dean's ID, not believing it is him in the photo. Sam tells her that they've come because of the mountain lion attacks. Sheriff Dignan tells them big animal attacks are rare and infrequent, and believes the deaths to be by human hands, telling them if it were a human the person would be a monster. They ask is there were any witnesses and are given Ashley Monroe's name, and directed to the hospital.

At the hospital, Sam and Dean enter the room and begin to interview Ashley. They ask her what she remembers, at which point she has a flashback to being chased. She looks over at the nurse working on her IV, prompting Sam to talk with him in the hall while Dean interviews Ashley. He tells her, no matter how weird it is, they will believe her, and explains how he and Sam hunt and kill monsters and that she is safe with them. Ashley tells Dean it was a man chasing her with fangs and claws who gave her the scar on her cheek and threatened to do worse things to her if she told anyone what she saw. Dean tells her he is a werewolf, she disagrees and says there is no such thing.

Dean comes out of the hospital room to tell Sam the werewolf's name—Andy May. Sam however, brings to his attention that the night of the attack there wasn't a full moon. Dean tells him they may be dealing with a pure blood. He looks into Ashley's room, she is crying into her hands.

The Impala pulls up to a cabin in the woods. They knock on the door and are greeted by Josh May, Andy's older brother. Andy soon comes to the door, where Sam shows them a photo of
Sam and Dean meeting Josh and Andy

Sam and Dean meeting Josh and Andy.

Ashley. They deny having seen her, and prompts Josh to ask why does this concern Fish and Game. They tell the two that she was attacked by a mountain lion. A nervous Andy offers to help, telling Sam and Dean that they go out in the woods at night, which Josh explains to set rabbit traps. Before leaving, Sam offers them a writing pad with a silver pen to take their number in case they have any more questions. Neither one will touch the pen and Josh tells them that they don't have a phone. After they close the door on the Winchesters, Dean wants to kill them now. but his phone rings, it's Ashley.

Inside the cabin Andy and Josh argue. Josh didn't like Andy saying they go out at night. Andy defends himself saying he didn't know what to say and reminds Josh, if he hadn't killed those girls everything would be okay. Josh is angry that Andy let Ashley go. Andy tells Josh he didn't want to kill people anyway and reminds Josh of their father would not want them acting like this. Josh yells to Andy that their dad is dead. Andy tells his brother that he wants the killing to stop. Josh puts his brothers face in his hands and tells him he will, which Andy doesn't believe. Josh reassures Andy that he wouldn't lie to him, but that Ashley still needs to be dealt with.

Back at the Sleepy Bear Inn. Sam and Dean bring Ashley into their room. They offer the room to her and tell her they will rent the room next door. Dean wants to kill the brothers, but Sam points out that this has been all too easy. Dean disagrees, and says he likes easy. Ashley asks Dean to stay till she falls asleep, which he agrees.

Outside the May brothers are in a late model pick-up. They smell her presence. One notes that the car that came to their cabin is there. Josh reassures him that they will get her tonight.

Dean walks into the room with Ashley. He asks her how she is. She refers to the pills the hospital gave her. He inspects them and tells her she got the good stuff. She asks him if he likes his job, he tells her he does but that there is a lot of bad, but he likes to help people. She talks about herself and being a graduate from college. Her childhood friends are gone, and she doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. But Dean tells her she has plenty of time. Ashley then asks Dean if things would be better if things were all planned out, which Dean doesn't agree with as Ashley drifts to sleep.

Sam wakes up Dean and tells him that Ashley is gone, telling Dean he had gone out for food and found the door open and Dean asleep. At the cabin, Ashley is bound in a chair with her mouth gagged. The May brothers enter, and begin arguing. Andy tells his brother that, this is not who they are. But Josh replies, that it is exactly who they are, and tells him he wants to eat her heart.

Sam and Dean pull up to the cabin with guns drawn. The May brothers leave Ashley, and she screams as loud as she can. When Sam and Dean enter the room, they release Ashley. As they are walking her out, Josh jumps down from the ceiling and fights Dean, while Sam fights off Andy. Sam's gun gets knocked across the floor, leaving both Winchesters weaponless. Andy grabs the gun and points it at Sam. Holding Sam at bay with his gun, he pleads to Josh to stop, but as Josh goes into bite Dean, Andy turns and shoots his brother. Andy reverts back to human and tells the Winchesters that Josh wasn't going to stop, and he had turned him into a monster. Calling himself a monster as well, Andy then turns the gun on himself, and shots himself in the heart.

Lilith, appearing as Ashley Monroe

Lilith, appearing as Ashley Monroe.

Ashley begins to walk away, Dean tries to console her but she pulls away from him, trips and falls on a pair of antlers on the floor, which impaled her through her chest. Shocked at what just happened, Sam and Dean become even more shocked when Ashley rises to her feet and the antlers exit her body. Sam asks, her what she is. Almost insulted he doesn't remember, Ashley's eyes roll into the back of her head, revealing herself to be Lilith. Sam doesn't believe she is back, but Lilith reveals that God brought her back and tells them her plan was to be rescued and seduce Dean, which she questions Dean if it is still happening, only to get an inquisitive look from Dean. Sam asks if she was sent to kill them, Lilith tells them she wishes, but that that's not how the story goes. They ask what does she want, and she tells them she was sent for the Equalizer, and demands they hand it over so they can be done with it all. Dean tells her if God wants the gun, he can get it himself. Sam pulls out the demon blade and Dean the angel blade, but Lilith pushes them both with her energy across the room. Dean gets up first and tells her not to hurt Sam, who is unconscious, and agrees to take her to the gun. Lilith promises that while she can't kill him, if he tries to trick her she can torture him till he begs to die. As Sam lays unconscious, he dreams of when Dean bore the Mark of Cain. In the Bunker, Dean
Dean bearing the Mark of Cain

Dean bearing the Mark of Cain.

hits Sam, causing him to fall from the catwalk. Dean teleports to Sam, and while Sam tries to talk him down, Dean grabs Sam by his neck, strangling him. Lifting Sam off the ground, Dean's eyes go black before he takes the First Blade and drives it into Sam, killing him.

Lilith and Dean are in the Impala, she begins to talk of her mission from God. Asking Dean, if he thinks she wants to be here. Telling him she died to free Lucifer from the Cage, and how she had to die for what I wanted most only for the Winchesters to screw everything up. Dean tells her, that was God and one of his stories. She tells Dean she can't hurt God, but can still hurt you.

Lilith laughs how Dean bonded with Ashley. Saying that God has this weird perv-y obsession with him and one brother killing the other, which is why they saw the werewolf brothers die the way they did—foreshadowing.

Sam shooting Lilith with a Devil's trap bullet

Sam shooting Lilith with a Devil's trap bullet.

They get back to the motel, and Lilith demands the gun. Dean tells her they didn't actually bring it. She points her finger at him and he is slashed on his cheek. She then mentions Lingchi—death by a thousand cuts—she cuts him again. But Dean tells her to go to Hell. As she continues to cut Dean, Sam breaks into the room and shoots her in the head with a devil's trap bullet, freezing her in place. Sam asks her where Chuck is, unperturbed by his demands, Sam reminds her that he killed her once and will do it again. Lilith, now annoyed tells Sam she let him kill her, but isn't feeling as generous now. Her eyes change to white, causing the room to shake. As Sam and Dean flee, Lilith pulls the bullet from her head. Even before they can reach the Impala, Lilith stops them where they stand. She realizes that given how quickly they left the room, the gun wasn't in there, but that they wouldn't just leave it behind in case they needed it. She then goes and inspects the Impala, finding the Equalizer in the glove compartment. They tells her to take, because they will still find a way to stop Chuck, only for Lilith to melt the gun in the palm of her hand before disappearing.

Back at the Bunker. Sam is still trying to get Cas on his phone, leaving him messages warning him about Lilith's return. A Dean asks if Chuck is just going to throw his greatest hits at them. Sam questions, why Chuck doesn't just kill them, which Dean reveals that Chuck only likes one type of ending, one brother killing the other. Sam then tells him of all his dreams and visions are like that, and points to the wound from the gun he and Chuck share. Believing that he shot a part of himself into Chuck with the Equalizer, which created a connection between the two allowing Sam to see into Chuck's mind. A defeated Dean asks Sam how they are supposed to fight God.


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  • Anna Grace Barlow as Ashley Monroe and Lilith
  • Luke Camilleri as Josh May
  • Markian Tarasiuk as Andy May
  • Rachel Hayward as Sheriff Dignan
  • Emma Cam as Julie
  • Ivy Matheson as Camper Girl #3
  • Andrew J. Hampton as Male Nurse

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Supernatural 15x05 Promo "Proverbs 17-3" (HD) Season 15 Episode 5 Promo

Supernatural 15x05 Promo "Proverbs 17-3" (HD) Season 15 Episode 5 Promo



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