Prophecy refers to two related concepts. It describes a prediction seen by a Prophet, as well as the process of disseminating that prediction, whether by utterance or by translating the prediction into written form. It is related to precognition, although a prophecy and the act of prophesizing denotes a relationship to a prophet, whereas precognition could occur to any psychic or seer without divine influence. Prophecies also appeared to be more far-reaching and complex than simple precognition, even predicting events several years into the future.

Prophecies were initially believed to be completely accurate in foretelling events that would and should come to pass, although it has been shown that prophecies can be altered by Free Will.

Background[edit | edit source]

Heaven has employed several prophets throughout history, such as Luke, who authored one of the many gospels found in the Bible.

Recent History[edit | edit source]

The prophecies of Chuck Shurley in written format.

The practice of awakening prophets continued into the recent times, with Chuck Shurley being one of the most recent prophets active in the 21st century. His prophecies came in the form of staggered dreams or nightmares. Immediately upon waking up from his prophetic dreams, he would immediately write them down. Unlike prophecies from the past, however, he wrote in the form of novels called Supernatural.

These books closely predicted and described the events of Sam and Dean Winchester, including details that no one knew, even personal matters that the brothers tried to hide from each other.

According to the angel Castiel, these books would be known in the future as the Winchester Gospels.[1] The books were initially published up to around the time Dean was sent to Hell by Lilith, although Chuck continued writing his prophecies up to the moment of the Apocalypse, where his prophecies became less accurate after being tampered by Zachariah, and after the Winchesters started to thwart their destinies and relied on their free will instead. Despite this, his later prophecies changed in a manner of aligning with the new set of events that would or were currently happening and the prophecies would continue around the time the Leviathans were defeated.

According to Charlie Bradbury, the prophecies have since been published and circulated through the internet.

When asking Sam to kill her, Rowena reminds Sam that Billie predicted that in every version of Rowena's death, she is killed by Sam. Rowena refers to this as a prophecy by Death herself.[2]

Contemporary[edit | edit source]

The awakening of a new prophet led at least one angel to assume that Chuck was dead. If so, the prophecies of the Winchester gospel would have stopped. However, the prophet Kevin has yet to perform or display abilities to prophesize. Also, despite Chuck's disappearance, the prophecies apparently continued through at least Shut Up, Dr. Phil as Crowley was aware of Jenny Klein from the prophecies.

Known Prophecies[edit | edit source]

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