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Project V was an effort by the British Men of Letters to wipe out all of the vampires in America.


Shortly after the Darkness left the Earth, the British Men of Letters made their presence known in America.[1] Led by Mick Davies, the organization began attempting to recruit American hunters to create "a world without monsters" without much success. Mick eventually succeeded in recruiting Mary Winchester,[2] but otherwise failed to recruit "the top-shelf" of American hunters, only getting hunters such as Pierce Moncrieff.[3]

The British operation eventually set out to wipe out all vampires in America, something they would come to call Project: V.[3]


As vampires are all connected from the lowest drone to the Alpha Vampire despite hunting alone or in small nests, the British Men of Letters take advantage of this to begin an extermination process. Focusing their efforts on the Midwest Region, in Phase One of their operation, the British Men of Letters locate the vampire nests and conduct surveillance upon them rather than charging in and killing them all. Through surveillance, the British operation determines the size of the nests and their relationships to other vampire groups. Once the British operation has learned all they can, they assemble a team and wipe them out. One of the teams that is sent in is made up of American hunter Mary Winchester and British Men of Letters operative Arthur Ketch. After the development of the Anti-Vampire Device, their job in destroying the nests is made easier.

Eventually, the British operation kills 230 of the 241 vampires in the Midwest Region. The surviving eleven vampires hole up in the Morest Hotel in Wichita, Kansas. Amongst these vampires is Kris, the sole survivor of a nest destroyed by the British operation. The British plan to wipe out the nest and then move onto wiping out all of the vampires in America.[3]


Unknown to the British Men of Letters, their operation draws the attention and ire of the Alpha Vampire due to how many of his "children" they are killing. The Alpha Vampire leads a raid on the British Men of Letters compound with the surviving Midwest vampires, resulting in the deaths of the Alpha Vampire and most of the British operatives. Afterwards, the British Men of Letters appear to abandon Project: V.[3]