This unnamed priest resided in St. Louis, Missouri.


The priest is typing on his computer and listening to the radio. Eventually, the news reports the death of his friend Wallace Parker, but as he listens, the Archbishop comes in and orders him to turn the radio off, suggesting that it distracts him from doing the Lord's work.

The priest agrees and then laments about Mr. Parker's death. However, the Archbishop is not very interested. Noting the absence of the Archbishop's large cross, the priest stalks the Archbishop after he leaves the office, and watches as the Archbishop walks down the hall, causing the crosses on the wall to turn upside down.

The priest decides to alert senior staff. They attempt to perform an exorcism on the Archbishop, but the Archbishop, though truly possessed, was unaffected and began an all-out assault on the members of the church, leaving behind only the priest, who was left bloodied and injured on the floor.

Sam and Dean Winchester arrive later that day and discover the priest. The priest admits to knowing that something was wrong with the Archbishop. Sam and Dean, who have been trying to track down Lucifer, go in search of the Archbishop only to find his corpse at the end of a trail of bodies. The Archbishop had been acting as the vessel of Lucifer, as did Wallace Parker.


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