God is the Light. And it is the Light that vanquishes the Darkness.

This unnamed Priest resided in Lebanon, Kansas.

Background Edit

This priest headed a church where people of the community came for prayer. He recognized most of the attendants, addressing one as Mary and another as Agnes. He was however, delighted to see a new face, that of a young woman dressed in black.

This woman inquired him about a means to speak to God, so he encouraged her to reach God through prayer. The woman tried it out by following the example, but discovered it did not work. The priest reassured her that it did, that God heard her, simply because it was what he promised.

The woman then asked if he had seen God, though the priest admitted he hadn't, that no one has, unless they were dead. The woman found this peculiar, but the priest added that it was the nature of faith. He handed her the Bible, and told the woman that God is the Light, and the is the Light that vanquishes the Darkness. He said this while being unaware that said woman was The Darkness herself.

In anger, The Darkness killed everyone in the church, and absorbed the soul of the priest, whom she then angrily tossed into pulpit, cracking his skull and killing him.

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