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Precognition is the ability to see parts or glimpse of the future. The distance into the future varies, but is never the whole thing; the ability defers between people. Humans with this gift, like Sam Winchester, or Ava Wilson, have absolutely no control over it whatsoever. However, Archangels can control the power. They are forced to see these visions and choose to act or not to act upon them.



Sam and Ava Wilson who are both special children that can see the future involving something related to Azazel, or any other of the special children. When it comes, they first get a headache, and then the vision comes.

Temporal ForesightEdit

Due to Chronos being the god of time, he was able to see into the future. He used to make a living on horse racing by using his ability. Before dying, he told Sam and Dean that their world is soon to be covered with black goo. By devouring the eyes of victims, Gorgon were able to see the future and used it to his advantage by evading hunters.

Mark of CainEdit

While possessing the Mark of Cain, Dean Winchester learned that the Mark had this power as he had a nightmare about being in a room having slaughtered a group of men. It later came true.


Powerful psychic Missouri Moseley was shown to possess this gift with her granddaughter Patience Turner inheriting it from her.

Known HoldersEdit

  • God - God can accurately predict reality to a degree far superior to that of the Archangels, which gave credit to his masquerading as a prophet. He was aware that Lucifer would possess Sam and this decision would be his downfall, something which even Lucifer could not foresee.
  • Archangels - They can see into and accurately predict the future, but they cannot see the whole picture; Lucifer, for example, knew he would possess Sam in Detroit and told him the first time he met him.
  • Sam Winchester (Season 1-2) - Being a special child, Sam possessed the power to see into the future and even visions of people in danger.
  • Ava Wilson - As a special child like Sam, Ava saw visions of the deaths of both Scott Carey and Sam Winchester.
  • Jake Talley - Jake received at least one vision from Azazel, who told him that only one of the Special Children would survive.
  • Chronos - Although he actually has foresight, Chronos could see the future and used this ability to rake in money to live on. He also used it to predict the future for anyone who summoned him, though what he foresaw could be changed.
  • Dean Winchester (formerly) - While bearing the Mark of Cain, Dean had a precognitive nightmare about a group of murders he would later commit under its influence.
  • Jack - Jack had a premonition of a conflict between Castiel and the Prince of Hell Dagon ending with a figure consumed in fire. This ended up being a premonition of Castiel facing off with Dagon and killing her with Jack's help.
  • Missouri Moseley - After touching a spot of Dede's blood, Missouri had a premonition of the Wraith that killed her attacking her son and granddaughter. She was also able to predict what would happen depending on which path she took when the Wraith went after her.
  • Patience Turner - Patience inherited her grandmother's gift, mainly getting flashes of what she passed off as deja vu. She had a premonition that the Wraith would attack her, but the event did not occur exactly as predicted. Moments before her father, Jody Mills and Dean Winchester arrived to rescue her, Patience had a detailed premonition of what was about to happen that allowed her to change events.
  • Agnes - Agnes received visions of darkness, which allowed her to create the Book of the Damned.
  • Kappas - Can see future events that would cause humans harm, such as a landslide, lightning strike and a car accident. It was even able to see that a man was going to have a fatal heart attack.
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