Only God is able to create the fearsome plague and destruction that all on Earth must bow before.

This unnamed Preacher was killed by Amara.


This man was preaching to a group of believers, urging them to repress their sins and beg for God's divine mercy, in hopes that when the end of the world strikes, those forgiven would ascend to paradise. He spoke with conviction that God was watching them, but a woman dressed in black who was among the crowd expressed displeasure by interrupting him.

She questioned whether God was truly watching. The preacher said God was, busy deciding on who was worthy for Heaven. When the woman insisted God wasn't interested in anyone, the preacher urged her to beg for forgiveness or face "his terrible wrath". He described God's wrath as coming in many forms, from plagues to mass destruction.

Curious to what he meant, the woman turned water pouring from the foundation behind the preacher into blood. She raised her hands into the sky and caused lightning and thunder. This shocked everyone in the crowd.

The preacher, struck with awe, asked if the woman was in fact God and was simply testing them. The woman denied it and proceeded to attack everyone with bolts of lightning, killing them.


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