Power Negation is the ability to inhibit a being from using their power.

Characters with this abilityEdit

  • Angels
    • Archangels
      • Lucifer - He was able to impair multiple deities' ability to teleport, to stop them from escaping him.
      • Raphael - Raphael was able to "shelter Crowley under his wing", making the demon immune to Castiel's smiting. This alteration, being merely an extension of the Archangel's power, subsided upon Raphael's death.
    • Seraphim
      • Castiel - Stripped Fred Jones of his powers, although the process severely damaged Fred's mind, these powers were significantly enhanced when Castiel was empowered with all the souls of Purgatory, in this form he was able to disable or remove Raphael's wings, inhibiting his teleportation. While empowered by Jack Kline, Castiel was able to render the Prince of Hell Dagon completely powerless.
  • Demons
  • Eve - She was able to inhibit Castiel's teleportation, his super strength, and the rest of his abilities after Castiel came to the same town as her. She suggested her age, older than that of angels, afforded her with knowledge on what "what makes angels tick".
  • God - God was able to suppress Lucifer's powers in the Men of Letters bunker, preventing Lucifer from causing Sam and Dean to explode, or trying to do anything else.
  • Leviathans - Edgar was able to prevent an angel from telekinetically defending itself and in Purgatory Castiel claimed he couldn't teleport because Leviathans were too close.
  • The Darkness - Amara was able to negate Lucifer's telekinetic hold on Sam and Dean during a confrontation in an abandoned church.
  • Devil's Traps
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