Power Granting is the ability to grant another being a supernatural power.

Characters with this Ability

  • Angels (including Archangels, Seraphim etc.)
    • Castiel - Castiel is able to protect someone from harm beforehand, as seen when he prevented his vessel, Jimmy Novak from burning his hand in a pot of boiling water when asked for a sign of faith.
    • Metatron - Granted enhanced lifespans to the Native Americans who gave him stories.
    • Raphael - Granted Crowley temporary immunity to Castiel's smiting.
    • Lucifer - Granted the Princes of Hell their powers when he created them.
    • Alternate Michael - While Dean acted his vessel, Michael was able to grant Dean access to several of his abilities even with Dean in control, giving Dean the power he needed to challenge the super-charged Lucifer and win.
  • Demons
    • Azazel - Granted the Special Children psychic abilities by feeding them his blood when they were infants.
    • Crossroad Demons (through deals)
    • Astaroth - Astaroth lent her powers to the Book Club witches in exchange for their souls. By selling their souls, the witches gained the ability to cast a number of spells, one of which was even used against Astaroth herself. It is known that an indeterminate number of demons have lent their powers to witches in exchange for the latter's souls (see "borrower witches" in the Witch entry), but Astaroth is the only such demon actually shown in the series so far.

Power granted ceases to exist upon the death of the giver. In addition, the giver could choose to remove the gift by choice.

Objects with this Ability

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