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Potions are magical liquids with supernatural properties. Brewed with the necessary herbs, spices, or other various ingredients, these magical substances can achieve various effects. The effect of a potion depends on the used ingredients or accompanied spell.

List of Potions[]

Hex-Counter Potion[]

A beverage that serves to break the effects of a hex, in case the hex bag is not found. Ruby dosed Dean with this potion that saved him from Astaroth's hex.

Dream Walking Potion[]

A powerful brew from an African Dream Root that ensures deep sleep.

Vampire Cure Potion[]

A potion invented by the Campbell Family that can cure a vampire that has not yet fed upon human blood.

Love Potion[]

A love potion used by Becky Rosen to make Sam fall in love with her. Concocted by Guy.

Animal Comunication Potion[]

An inuit spell which allows communication with animals. It requires several ingredientes, the only known being animal fur, to be mixed in form of solution, as well reciting an incantation.

Weakening Potion[]

Mrs. Butters brewed a weakness potion to Jack Kline drink, disguised as smoothies. Two of the known ingredients used to make it were a little of yarrow root and some ground jawbone for texture.

Subconscious Accessing Potion[]

Ada Monroe brewed a potion to tap into her subconscious, so she could access the echo of any remaining portion of the demon that had possessed her.

Invigoration Potion[]

A brew that which presumably boosted the drinker's energy. It was offered by Rowena to Ada Monroe, after the last had expended much magic.